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Over the past few years there has been a small explosion of new luxury-level accommodation options offering adventure experiences amid the remote natural wilderness areas of Chile. This means that people who want to see the magic and experience the adventure can do so during the day and then enjoy being pampered during the night. Guests will be able to eat decent food, drink nice wines, be warm and sleep in a decent, comfortable bed.
However, there are now so many destination options that the “issue” is now where to go.
Here at Experiencechile.org we can offer you these amazing destinations and at each one we can also offer “Adventure in Comfort”, usually with a 4-night program and prices from around USD2,500 per person for an all-inclusive package of transfers, food, accommodation and guided excursions.
San Pedro de Atacama
Colchagua Wine Valley
Puerto Varas (Lake Region)
Patagonian Pacific Coast
Remote Villa O’Higgins (Southern Carettera Austral)
Torres del Paine
Patagonian Cruises
Antarctic Cruises
Obviously it is difficult to have the time and perhaps the money to do more than one destination and in many cases there is no point in doing both Torres del Paine and Villa O’Higgins for example, nor is there too much point in seeing more than one major glacier. We therefore suggest that you ask for our advice, tell us how much you want to spend and we will suggest the right experience for you, especially if you want something new.

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All you need to do is: