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The Chile North to South Tour (including Easter Island)
In all email enquiries please mention “North to South”
This unique tour is for a maximum of 8 people, and ideally that number also as a minimum, escorted personally by Englishman Charles Hallifax, owner and founder of Experience Chile.
Specifically created from my own overwhelming personal knowledge about Chile, this stunning travel itinerary is the best of the best.
If you have been longing to see Chile and her prime destinations of interest, enjoying the finest in hotel luxury; the best in food and wine; amazing excursions (guided by educated people with local knowledge) as well as having the added assurance of myself, with over 20 years experience in Chile, escorting you all the way then this is the trip for you.
We will be visiting the amazing Torres del Paine in Patagonia, the beautiful Puerto Varas in the Lake Region, the unbelievable San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama Desert, the mystic Easter Island in the Pacific, the modern capital Santiago, top wineries and the bustling, historic port city of Valparaiso on the coast.

The rate is from USD19,500 per person plus local flights and includes transfers, accommodation and guided excursions.
Options exist for clients to join this tour and stay in less luxurious hotels, resulting in a lower cost. Ask for details.
Each destination will be truly amazing, with many surprises, stunning scenery, delicious food and wine, optional excursions involving soft adventure and an all round fantastic trip.
The Itinerary
Start date: 11 January 2013 with arrival to Santiago de Chile.
Transfer to your Hotel in Santiago.
3- Nights in Santiago (includes a wine-tasting experience with tours to wineries, a city tour and breakfast each morning at the hotel)
Transfer to the airport.
Flight to Punta Arenas.
Transfer to Torres del Paine.
4-night, all-inclusive package at top hotel.
Transfer to Punta Arenas airport.
Flight to Puerto Montt.
Transfer to Hotel.
4-night, all-inclusive package at top hotel.
Transfer to Puerto Montt Airport.
Flight to Santiago.
Night in Santiago.
Flight to Calama.
Transfer to Hotel.
Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama.
4-night, all-inclusive package at top hotel.
Transfer to Calama airport.
Flight to Santiago.
Night Santiago.
Flight to Easter Island.
Transfer to Hotel.
4-night, all-inclusive package at top hotel.
Transfer to Easter Island airport.
Flight to Santiago.
Transfer to Valparaiso.
3-night, all-inclusive package at top hotel.
Transfer to Santiago airport.
DEPART from Chile
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