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Ski Chile
In the southern hemisphere there are only a few countries that offer snow skiing. Because of the Andes Mountains, Chile is ranked as one of the top ski destinations in the world during the Chilean winter months of late June, July and August.
The following destinations all offer both on piste, and helicopter skiing options:
Access from Santiago
Valle Nevado
Modern, major ski centre with a combined three-hotel central complex, pisted runs and excellent helicopter skiing.
El Colorado and Farellones
Two neighbouring, small, residential ski areas offering pisted runs.
La Parva
Principal up-market, residential village offering pisted runs.
One hotel in the base of a natural mountain bowl, next to a lake, with pisted runs and challenging steep black runs as well as helicopter skiing.
Access from Concepcion
On the side of a volcano, pisted runs and helicopter skiing, hot springs and lower tree-lined trails.
Access from Temuco
On the side of an active volcano and pisted and off-piste trails.
There are other, smaller locations including as far south as Punta Arenas, but these are not considered actual ski-resort or ski-centre destinations for visiting foreigners.
We can arrange all-inclusive ski packages at all the above ski destinations or accommodation only as well as an option to stay in Santiago and go up from there on a daily basis to one of the ski centres close to Santiago.
Please look at www.chile-ski.org too.
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