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We offer a professional travel-planning service covering Chile and Argentina. We are English owned as well as managed, and therefore understand the culture of the vast majority of our clients.

We are also able to communicate with you in proper, clear English, and we have a base in Santiago de Chile in order to “keep tabs” on local suppliers and be in a position to know what’s going on locally. If you are coming to this part of the world and want the specialist service of a locally-based travel professional to do all the work in making all the ground travel arrangements then we will be pleased to act as your personal travel supplier. On the other hand, if you want to do all that work yourself then we are not for you.
Our speciality is to create a bespoke travel itinerary that is tailored to your specific desires and budget. For this service we will offer you hotels as per your preferred style choice (usually at the same rates you would get directly) and excursions as per the experience you want at each destination. Naturally, you can ask us for our suggestions based upon your objectives. You will have the benefit of our acquired local knowledge and have a professional travel planner working for you at all times during the itinerary-building process.
We can also prepare an itinerary using all of your information. For example, if you supply us with the names of the hotels you want to stay at and what else you want to do then we will book it all up for you. The advantage of us doing this for you is that you only need deal with one supplier and pay one supplier – us.
However, if you only want a few hotels booked up, then we can also do that for you.
We work using the normal rates that suppliers offer (that is to say the exact same rates that you would pay the same suppliers) with the exception of some lower-priced hotels and some excursions where we add a margin to make those services economically viable. We add up the costs of each service you need to get a total and then add to that total an administration service fee to cover our intellectual property of local knowledge which has been passed on to you, time devoted to preparing and building your itinerary, and processing your payment to us and our payment to the suppliers.
What is the Advantage of Using Us?
There are two clear advantages to using our service.

One is that we are dedicated specialists for personalised travel in Chile and Argentina and spend a lot of time researching, visiting destinations, staying at hotels and checking out excursions to evaluate if they are what they pertain to be. Not many operators do this and because we do invest time and money in such inspection trips we able to maintain excellent local knowledge. Remember, a nice photo in a web site and a few good comments that could have been written by anyone is not always the reality. We check the reality.
The second advantage is that we are here for when things go wrong.
What can go wrong you may ask? In February 2010 Chile suffered a major Earthquake and consequently transport and other services were suspended for a few weeks. We ensured that clients were able to get out of Chile, get to another destination and negotiated refunds with suppliers. In January 2011 there was a strike in Chilean Patagonia, which caused the local access roads in and around Torres del Paine to be blocked. We were able to adjust client itineraries and, once again, negotiate with suppliers to get refunds for clients affected. And, most recently, the Navimag ship went aground and whilst clients were in Torres del Paine oblivious to this fact, we were able to adjust their onward travel itinerary so they were not stuck.  
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