We specialize in custom travel itineraries for Chile and South America. In particular, our philosophy is to offer you an experience. Not just a holiday, not just a travel plan, but a life experience. For example, we achieve this by creating travel itineraries that incorporate destinations, hotels and services that are special. Above all, we try to combine accommodation and activities that we know will offer you a rewarding travel memory.

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Video Reproduced with the kind permission of Morten Andersen - Danish Cinematographer


Chile, being such a long country, crosses the tropical line of Capricorn in its northern Atacama Desert and reaches right into the Antarctic Circle in its Antarctic territory. It has the high Andes mountains running the entire length of the country on its eastern border and the Pacific Ocean the length of its western shore line. It is, effectively a very long “island”.

This combination results on one thing: one of the most incredible geographical landscapes on Earth.


The Atacama Desert is an area like no other. With sectors where rain fall has never been recorded, swathes of sandy, hilly desert interrupted by lunar and Mars-like scenery, snow-covered volcanoes, turquoise-colored lakes, salt flats, geysers and kilometers of space; and talking of space, on a clear night the sky here opens up to offer a “close up” of the billions of stars in our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Halfway down the country is the fertile Central Valley, where Santiago is located, which is home to some of the best wines of the New World producers.

Custom Travel Itineraries for Chile and South America

Way over west, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is Easter Island - also "part of Chile".

The green, forested, river and lake strewn, snow-capped-volcano- peppered Lake Region.

Finally, in the far south is the wild, windy, “raw” and dramatic Patagonia landscape, home to the iconic UNESCO Torres del Paine National Park. In addition, even further south is Antarctica - a slice of which is also Chilean.

All of the above, and more in-between, will offer you an unparalleled, unique and exhilarating experience. Not only will your senses be tested, but you will also be able to immerse yourself in a world a very long way from your usual routine which will re-invigorate your inner desire to “feel alive”.

What we will do for you is create a unique itinerary for YOU and your budget, as we have been doing for over 30 years now. In fact we were pioneers in offering this service. We are local, we know the territory and we understand you, after all, our owner is British.


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