Caleta Gonzalo, Parque Pumalin,
Carretera Austral, Patagonia

Inspected By Experience Chile


The Caleta Gonzalo cabins were originally constructed and built at this location by the foundation run by Douglas Tomkins and his wife Kris. Unfortunately, Douglas died in a kayaking accident on Lake General Carrera in 2015, further down the Carretera Austral.

Douglas and Kristine Tompkins were successful clothes retail entrepreneurs who developed and later sold “the North Face” and “Esprit” brands. With their money they sought to purchase vast areas of natural wilderness with a view to protecting these areas from the destruction that comes along with development and man’s incursion.

One of the first parks in Chilean Patagonia that Douglas and Kris purchased was the “Parque Pumalin”. This is now one of the 17 National Parks that form the Route of the Parks.

They set up several foundations, however, in 2019 they merged these bodies into one entity and created the Tompkins Conservation Foundation. This is an environmental, eco conservation organisation.

The Tompkins Conservation Foundation


The Cabins at Caleta Gonzalo look, on the outside, to be simple, rustic buildings. However, the interiors have been created very much in the North American, lodge style, using quality materials and decorated in the North American way. The wooden floors and wooden walls combine beautifully with the choice of bedding materials to create a very comfortable atmosphere inside.

In addition to the cabins there is also a cafeteria, also created to reflect a high quality interior.

Although these cabins were administered by the Tomkins Foundation, they are now administered by the Chilean National Park organisation known as CONAF.