The Hotel Centro de Ocio, Castro, Chiloe, Western Patagonia


The Hotel Centro Ocio is a small, rustic, boutique-style lodge sitting amid its own 20-hectare site of land. The hotel offers 11 guest suites in various accommodation options, nice views over the Castro fiord and back to the city of Castro, from its high-ground position on the Rilan Peninsula. It enjoys, too, access to its own beach and woods, and offers excursions to all interesting places of interest throughout Chiloe Island as well as various activities.


The hotel also aims to be a self-sustainable operation and do all that they can to support rural life and nature. Processes have been implemented to reduce the environmental impact of running a hotel by way of recycling glass, plastics and cardboard and using organic waste to put back into the soil. And, where possible the hotel practices “fair trade” by checking up on suppliers to see if they follow fair trade guidelines in their processes.

The exterior as well as the interior occupies lots of natural wood to create a warm, cosy environment.

ExperienceChile.Org will arrange all-inclusive programs based at Centro Ocio that will allow you to explore and see many areas of Chiloe Island.


The emphasis of the Centro Ocio Hotel is to provide guests with a relaxing ambience, a place to rest and an opportunity to connect with nature and explore Chiloe Island.

Along with the personal service ethic, the accommodation is “warm and cosy”, with each guest room enjoying views down to the Castro channel, or fiord, and the surrounding gardens.