Hotel Tierra Chiloe, Western Patagonia

Inspected By Experience Chile
Approved By Experience Chile


ExperienceChile.Org will arrange all-inclusive programs based at Hotel Tierra Chiloe that will allow you to explore and see many areas of Chiloe Island.

In line with the other Tierra properties in key destinations of interest in Chile, the Tierra Chiloe offers, currently, in our opinion, the best level of accommodation on Chiloe Island.

The main building is an architectural delight mixing raw cement and practical modernity with cosy, natural wood; along with spacious common areas and guest rooms, all with large windows through which to admire the mix of tidal inlets, wetlands and rural countryside.

The service is professional and personal. The food menu is tasty and creative along with quality wine options. Breakfast, too, is full of healthy and delicious alternatives.

Ideally, if selecting to include Tierra Chiloe in your itinerary, you should go for one of the all-inclusive options. There is nothing better than to go out each day on an excursion to visit and explore parts of Chiloe Island and then return to a welcoming and comfortable base. Here at ExperienceChile.Org we will encourage you to let us include Tierra here, and in any of the locations where a Tierra exists, and we will add to your itinerary a benefit of some kind.


The Tierra brand is all about superseding the expectation. Each of the Tierra properties emits an innovative, unique, and surprising structure that, from the moment of check-in, will put the guest into an emotion of intrigue which only adds to the overall enjoyment of your stay.

At Tierra Chiloe the modern, boutique lodge fulfils the element of positive surprise.

With a modest 24 guest rooms the staff can maintain a personal level of service and guests will not feel they are part of the “masses”.

The location of the lodge is in a remote hill side of the Rilan peninsula. On one side is the channel between the peninsula and the Island of Lamuy, then slightly to the right of the hotel on the sea channel side, is the wet lands of Pullao where a variety of birds come down to feed.

In front of the property are small, grass-covered knolls, or tiny hills and a small wood.

The interior of the lodge is warmly lit, furniture is chosen to be comfortable and “natural”, and then there is the central open, copper fireplace that creates a central, cosy ambience.

The lodge is a base from where to explore the places of interest and cultural aspects of Chiloe Island as well as participate in activities such as horse riding, trekking and boat navigations to other islands.