Vina La Playa Hotel

This hotel derives its name from the small Tinquiririca riverbank beach borders the hotel garden. Beach in Castellano (Spanish) is “playa”, therefore, “vineyard by the beach translates to “viña la playa”.

It is, in reality, a private house that is operated as a hotel with 11 guest rooms, a small dining room, common living room and a games room with a bar.
The gardens are at the back of the hotel where there is a nice, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and outdoor terrace adjacent to the hotel. At the front is a runway to receive small planes and then there are the vineyards.

For those who sign up for a wine “education” and tasting there is also a cellar with tasting room.


The Viña La Playa hotel is located west of Santa Cruz, in a rural setting, beside a river and fronted by 321 acres of vineyards. The main wines processed here are young and fresh.

The 11 guest rooms offer simple, rustic style accommodation with a colonial influence.

This is an ideal place for a group of friends or large family. It is also a good option if there are not too many other people around because when it is full, depending on who the other guests are, it can be a little noisy and less “exclusive”.

Options here include bed and breakfast, half board and all-inclusive.