Aguas Arriba Lodge, El Chalten

Inspected By Experience Chile


The Aguas Arriba Lodge is, effectively, a private home located in an isolated spot in the middle of a beech forest beside Lago del Desierto in deep Patagonia. Access is from El Chalten by road transfer (37km) followed by a 20 minute boat trip.

If you want to really experience something unique and invest a few days of your life to be in the heart of remote Patagonia then this is the place.


The Aguas Arriba Lodge is a private, rustic, wooden constructed home located approximately halfway along the lake called “Lago del Desierto”, surrounded on three sides by Patagonian beech forest.

It is secluded, isolated and in one of the remotest places on Earth. Access is by road transfer from El Chalten, which will take about one hour, followed by a 20-minute boat trip on the lake. You can also get here by trekking through the woods from the northern end.

The area is contentious because it is within a border dispute between Chile and Argentina. Just 5km to the northern end of the lake is the official Chilean border post and the end of the Chilean Carretera Austral. To the south, from the southern end of Lago del Desierto it is 37km to the village of El Chalten, in Argentina.

The building, considering that is a private home, offers an atmosphere of a lodge with a large open fireplace living room, large picture windows that open up direct views to the natural wilderness in front of the house. The individual rooms have en-suite bathrooms. High-end, home cooking tops off the sense that a stay here is like staying with an Argentine family, but in comfort.

Stress Breaker

The “hotel” serves as a base where you can just totally relax or participate in activities such as trekking through the Patagonian forest, maybe horse ride, fish and take a boat trip on the lake. If the weather permits there is an outer deck where one can enjoy a glass of Argentine wine whilst appreciating absolute quiet, only broken by the sound of water from the lake, and the serenity of the majestic views all around. On a clear day you can also dee the dramatic peak of Mount Fitzroy back at El Chalten.

It is also an ideal stop over if you are coming from Villa O’Higgins in Chile, the final southern village on the Carretera Austral, to El Chalten. The only issue being that the weather can delay your arrival and / or departure.