Torres del Paine Patagonia Camp

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Located about 5km from the Western, Serrano entrance into TDP (the most direct entrance from Puerto Natales).

Yurt tents covered in durable plastic containing double beds, nice furnishings and en-suite shower rooms combine to create a cosy, high-end feel, stunning views down to the lake and on a clear day to the Cuernos of Paine.

All connected by board walks at varying levels.

Beautiful views over lake and to the TDP central massif in the distance. To arrange your accommodation with us, email us…

Torres del Paine Awasi Patagonia Hotel

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The hotel is located in a wooded area on a hill east of the main Torres del Paine central area. Getting here involves an extended drive from the principal entry road into Torres del Paine.

Awasi Patagonia Location

The hotel is located in a wooded area on a hill east of the main Torres del Paine central area. Getting here involves an extended drive from the principal entry road into Torres del Paine.


The property comprises a number of rectangular-shaped private suites individually placed within the trees, connected by footpaths to the main lodge. Clients need to either walk back and forth to the main lodge or can be transported in a vehicle.

Each suite is spacious, modern in style with deluxe-level furnishings. Bathrooms are also spacious, modern and in a high-end style as one would expect from a high-end property. There are large, picture windows along the length of the suite that allow for a stunning view out over the Patagonian landscape and in the distance over to the Torres of Torres del Paine. Each suite also has its own outdoor hot tub.

The main lodge, where people come to relax, read, have a cocktail and enjoy dinner, is adorned with comfy chairs and sofas, large lamps, paintings and sketches on the walls. From the dining area there is the same view as there is from the suites – out over the Patagonian landscape. Food is high level, but can be described also as “sophisticated”. Meals can also be taken to your suite for private dining.

The USP of Awasi is that every suite, therefore each couple, gets their own dedicated driver-guide and vehicle for the duration of their stay, meaning that all tours are private.

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Torres del Paine Tierra Patagonia Hotel

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The Tierra Patagonia hotel and spa is one of our featured hotels because it offers an exclusive combination of high-level comfort, great food and incredible views to guests. Upon visiting this spectacular hotel, you get the overall sensation that when you are here you are somewhere special.

You can book a stay at Tierra Patagonia as part of our premium itinerary. Make the most of your trip to Torres Del Paine by staying at this spectacular hotel.

Tierra Patagonia’s main building is designed to be as subdued as possible to the naked eye, so that it blends into the natural landscape of Torres Del Paine national park.

It’s architectural design is similar to that of an aeroplane-wing, and once you visit this famous hotel in Chile, you’ll see its wing-shaped roof cut into the Patagonia wind.

The hotel has ample interior space; huge picture windows the length of the dining room and a bar and lounge area offering unobstructed views of the Sarmiento Lake and Torres del Paine Central Massif. The entire interior is dressed with natural wood, offering a warm, cosy ambience.

The Rooms

Torres Del Paine Tierra Patagonia View From RoomTierra Patagonia has a selection of rooms to choose from, this includes:

  • Standard rooms
  • Superior rooms
  • Suites

The bedrooms offer plenty of space, with carefully-place large windows that also offer the same views of Sarmieno Lake and Central Massif. The en-suite bathrooms are modern and spacious, with both a bathtub and a shower unit.

The Spa

Torres Del Paine Tierra Patagonia Swimming Pool

Tierra Patagonia’s indoor pool is large enough to allow for a proper swim, and you can gaze at the picturesque backdrop of Paine Massif from the pool, sauna and outdoor hot tub.

If you choose to stay at this incredible luxury hotel, you can also take advantage of Uma spa’s relaxing facilities, including:

  • A pool
  • Steam rooms
  • An open air whirlpool tub
  • A yoga studio
  • Relaxation rooms
  • Face and body treatment rooms
The Tierra Patagonia Restaurant

Torres Del Paine Tierra Patagonia Dining Room

After a day of exploring the Patagonian sights, embarking on the W-Trek or other treks, going on an adventurous excursion or indulging in the on-site spa, you’ll get to enjoy a dining experience like no other.

At the Tierra Patagonia restaurant, you can sample authentic Patagonian dishes that have been sourced from local estancias. However, their menu encompasses a wide range of high-quality meals for you to choose from, so can find something you love regardless of your tastes or dietary requirements.

Tierra Patagonia Location

Torres Del Paine Tierra Patagonia

Tierra Patagonia is located on the eastern shore of Sarmiento Lake, a short distance outside the official Torres del Paine (TDP) border line. The hotel is also 1.5hrs from Puerto Natales and 45mins from the Laguna Amarga TDP park entrance.

How to Book Tierra Patagonia for Your Trip

With Torres Del Paine, you can book a 3, 4 or longer night all-inclusive stay at this unforgettable hotel. If you choose to stay for 4 nights or longer on an all-inclusive program, you can benefit from the offer below (see offer).

We can also book 1 or 2 night bed and breakfast stays, as long as this is incorporated into the rest of your itinerary.

Torres del Paine Hotel
Explora Salto Chico

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Explora Patagonia, also known as Hotel Salto Chico, is a luxury hotel situated beside Lake Pehoe in Torres Del Paine national park. This hotel is one of our hand-picked featured hotels because of its prime location, luxury amenities and breathtaking views.

You can stay at Explora Patagonia as part of one of our premium itineraries, contact us today to include this incredible hotel in your itinerary.

Explora is known for its commitment to sustainability, equine culture and all-round appreciation of South American culture and lifestyle. When you visit Explora Patagonia, you’ll see just how much care and attention they give to the local environment, as well as their guests.

The Spa

After a long day embarking on excursions, exploring Chile and taking in the local wildlife, you can treat yourself to an immersive spa experience at Explora Patagonia’s Ona spa.

Here, you can relax your tired limbs in the pool or in an open-air jacuzzi, whilst taking in the views of Rio Paine. Alternatively, you can also choose from several essential oil massages to get you ready for your next day of exploration.

Explora Patagonia Food

The dining experience at Hotel Explora Patagonia is second-to-none. Their menu has been carefully curated to provide ample nutrition for all those looking to explore Torres Del Paine national park and beyond.

Each dish is paired with Chilean wine (alternative premium wines are also available) and all food is prepared with the highest quality ingredients. This is the perfect treat after a long day of seeing the sights. Book with us to experience Explora Patagonia food firsthand.

Torres del Paine Hotel Las Torres

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Hotel Las Torres is located on private land in Torres del Paine and is also at the head of the trail that leads up to Refugio Chileno (2hrs) and Torres Base (4hrs).

The hotel has grown from being a rustic, simple lodge for hikers into a more comfortable accommodation style. We can include Hotel Las Torres in your itinerary for one or two nights or a full all-inclusive plan.

Located in the eastern side of Torres del Paine, the hotel started as a private house in the middle of a privately-owned estancia. The owners still run the estancia, but expanded the original homestead into a proper hotel comprising three categories of room.

This is the start or end of the trail head that goes up to Refugio Chileno and Las Torres Base as well as over to Refugio Cuernos. Consequently it serves as a good comfort option to do the Torres Base trek (9hrs return from the hotel) and avoid staying in a refugio. The hotel also offers all-inclusive programs.

Three room categories are:

  • Lenga – is the oldest, rooms smaller than the other two, but OK, these rooms are nearest the restaurant.
  • Canelo – to the left of the main entrance is, good-sized rooms, good bathrooms too.
  • Cipres – Further down from Canelo, more modern, good-sized rooms and bathrooms; large windows.

Room on the mountain side have view to Almirante Mountain and glacier. The other side has views to the lower hills of TDP.

Walk way to restaurant is exposed to the elements and can be cold and wet. The spa is at basic level

A family business, all staff wearing local baquales “cowboy” uniforms. To arrange your accommodation with us, email us…

Torres del Paine Hotel Lago Grey

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Hotel Lago Grey is located at the southern end of Grey lake in Torres del Paine. The superior rooms are modern in design and those from the second floor up have a great view to the lake and Grey glacier at the far end. The older, standard rooms do not have any particular views, but the rooms are generally spacious.

As this is also the departure point for the Navigation Grey boat at times it can be very busy in the reception and cafe area creating a “commercial” atmosphere. We can include Hotel Grey in your Patagonia itinerary for one or two nights (or longer of course) or for a 4-night, all-inclusive program.

The hotel sits on the southern shore of Lago Grey lake in the western side of Torres del Paine.

The newer, superior rooms are modern in style and offer a good level of accommodation. The ones on the second floor have the superb views to Grey Lake, any icebergs in the lake and the glacier at the far end. The rooms on the ground floor have this view obscured by an earthen mound and trees.

The standard rooms are the older ones, and are spacious, but with no direct views to anything of particular interest.

The main, commercial-style restaurant has large picture windows that allow for a magnificent view to Grey Lake and the glacier at the far end. The adjacent bar area also offers the same view to the lake and glacier.

The hotel is the meeting point for people waiting to take the Navigation grey to see the glacier or go over to Refugio Grey, which means there can be, at times, a lot of people having a coffee or lunch making the place feel very commercial.

The hotel offers a good stop over for those going on to the W trek from Refugio Grey, or ending the W trek after Refugio Grey, or for 4-night (or more) all-inclusive program of tours in Torres del Paine.

ExperienceChile.Org offers all-inclusive and bed and breakfast programs at Hotel Lago Grey.

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