Hotel Loberias del Sur, Puerto Chacabuco, Carretera Austral, Patagonia


The Hotel Loberias del Sur is the only good level hotel in the vicinity of Puerto Chacabuco. Officially it is a “superior 4-star property”. It tries to be a lodge-style hotel, but it is more like a “normal” hotel. The 60 guest bedrooms are spacious and finished to a decent level.

For those wishing to take the catamaran to see the San Rafael glacier this is the hotel to stay at the previous night as well as the night of the day of return from the glacier.

Alternatively, the hotel offers a number of excursion programs whereupon you can stay at the hotel for several days and participate in these programs.


The Hotel Loberias del Sur is a 60-room hotel located adjacent to the small port Chacabuco from where the catamaran operates from for the navigations to the impressive San Rafael lagoon, where the glacier is of the same name. There is also the Aiken del Sur Park, which is a 300-hectare reserve, that guests can visit.

This is a modern hotel with an attractive exterior, spacious lobby and comfortable rooms. Considering the location of the property there is a nice view to the bay area, which, in turn is enclosed by steep, forested hill sides.

There is an outdoor deck area from where guests can enjoy a drink and the view, as well as a restaurant for lunch and dinner.

Guests can use a gym and spa, and Wi-Fi is available in the common areas.