Hacienda Tres Lagos, Puerto Guadal, Lake General Carrera, Patagonia

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Located just off the south-western corner of Lake General Carrera, and the Cruce el Maiten, and only a few km west of Puerto Guadal, is Hacienda Tres Lagos. Named so because there are three lakes that are close by.

Although it has the name “hacienda” in its name, which means “ranch”, there are no cattle, sheep or horses on the land in the traditional ranch sense. Instead, there are independent, lodges spread around the western shore of Lake Negro. These accommodation modules allow for 22 guest rooms, all furnished to a high level, but maintaining a rustic style. Each room enjoys a fine view of the nearby lake and Patagonian scenery.

The hacienda occupies a fraction of the 1,400 hectares of the land it manages. In addition to the guest rooms is a “club house”, where the restaurant is located, a wine bar, “art gallery”, small library and traditional Patagonian Quincho (Barbecue House).

The property offers options such a trekking, local tours to the places of interest and other local activities. If you wanted to walk around the Lake Negro it covers 4km.

Apart from offering accommodation, the emphasis, according to the owners, is to protect the environment and in line with this objective they have embarked on a reforestation program by planting over 30,000 native trees on the land including Lengas, Coigües and Araucarias. In addition, the property has its own wastewater treatment plant in order to avoid contamination of the world's largest freshwater reserve.


The Hacienda Tres Lagos is like an upmarket, rustic-style resort whereby the accommodation is of good quality as well as food. There is a central “club house” that houses the restaurant and other amenities such as a small library, wine bar and “art gallery” and from where guests can book a number of tours to see local places of interest and / or activities.

It is set in a beautiful location beside one lake and very close to two others, hence the name “tres lagos” (three lakes).

It is not a massive place because it only offers 22 guest room, so this means that everything is still quite personal.

Tierra Luna Lodge, Lake General Carrera, Carretera Austral, Patagonia

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Located 290km South from Balmaceda airport (Coyhaique), which requires a road transfer of up to 5hrs, the Terra Luna Lodge is a unique accommodation option.

All the lodges are built from natural wood, apart from the dome units, and therefore the end result is a warm welcome and cosy comfort sensation.

Various accommodation units range from a cabin in a tree, to a room inside an old boat, an independent small house, apartments, domes, bungalows and cabins. If you like creativity, then this is the place. The French owner is also a “serious adventurer” who has developed a number of trekking trails, helicopter excursions and the Patagonia Jet boat all designed to take guests into the heart of remote Patagonia.

There is a main “club house” where meals are served and from here is a beautiful view to Lake General Carrera and the snow-covered Andes beyond.

Located by its own beach there is a roof-covered, outdoor hot tub for those wishing to relax outdoors and enjoy the lapping of the waves.


Terra Luna has is the concept of an experienced “outdoor adventure specialist” who has created a place with an emphasis on having fun.

The location of the property is on a hill side facing a small bay of lake General Carrera not far from the Puerto Guadal village.

As with the other accommodation options in this area, many of the attractions are accessible, such as the Marble caves, the River Baker, the waterfall confluence of the River Baker and River Neff as well as Valle Chacabuco. In addition, the owner here runs the helicopter tours and Patagonia Jet boat. Therefore, if you stay here there will be a lot to do.

Other activity options include horse riding, biking, overlanding, zip wire (called canopy) and trekking.

The guest capacity is 68 and the property has, believe it or not, a private discotheque (yes, a good sound system and roof-hanging glitter ball!), bar, restaurant, audio-visual room, cinema, jacuzzi, hot tub, sauna, mini climbing wall, and billiard table.

The accommodation units are refreshingly interesting with, for example, a room built within a tree, with a lower deck for an outdoor bed. There is also a small room within an old boat plus the more traditional rooms in cabins, apartments, bungalows and domes.

Although one can stay here and enjoy the Patagonian peace and tranquillity, this is very much the place for those who really enjoy outdoor pursuits.

Mirador Guadal, Lake General Carrera, Patagonia

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The individual cabins, that comprise Mirador Guadal (which means Guadal Viewpoint), are positioned spaciously apart on a steep-sided hill facing Lake General Carrera.

There are 8 cabins spread around the property ranging from 2-person capacity rooms to family suites where capacity is 4 people in a cabin.

Each cabin, or room, is well finished, warm, cosy and modern rustic style, as well as offering a nice view to the lake.


In 1997, inspired by the beauty and tranquillity of the area on the southern shore of Lake General Carrera, the owners planned to build several, quite spacious, independent cabins with views to the lake, and did so a few years later.

Before commencing with the construction, the location of where each cabin would go was carefully considered in order that each one would have its own, unique view of the lake as well as receive the required privacy from other cabins with guests. Thought was given to where the windows would go, what size they should be as well as allowing for rooms to be spacious and comfortable. Planning even included the provision for sufficient space where a guest could read and be close to the fireplace.

In addition to the accommodation cabins, there is a restaurant, for breakfast and dinner, from where there are views through the woods to the lake beyond and glaciers atop the Northern ice field.

The emphasis here is on personal service and attention.

Mallin Colorado Eco Lodge, Lake General Carrera, Carretera Austral, Patagonia

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Mallin Colorado occupies 12 hectares of steep hill side and forest. In a sector cleared of trees are a number of independent cabins, made from natural logs, each reflecting a cosy charm of “the forest”. The interiors have warm lighting, log-burning fires and are generally decorated in a “homely” way. As they say themselves, their accommodation modules are a “fusion” between the rustic look and modern comfort.

Each of the four cabins enjoy an elevated view down to the edge of Lake general Carrera, with a Patagonian forest to the back.

More recently, an additional accommodation lodge has been added.


Mallin Colorado is truly a very quiet place where the only sound at night is the Patagonian wind, if it is blowing. The objective of Mallin Colorado is to offer guests a real place where they can be “cut off” from the normal hustle and bustle of modern life. If you just want to sit in your cabin, look at the view, read a book and not be disturbed then this is definitely the place to do that.

However, if you wish to participate in activities such as hiking and / or visit the local, natural attractions then you can do that too.

The principal lodge is what they call “the club house”. This is a very homely place with a stone-sided log fireplace, dining tables and sitting room area. The kitchen is within this building and where guests can come and enjoy their breakfast and other meals.

In addition, and in line with other Patagonian properties, there is a “Quincho”, which means barbecue place where roast lamb is often prepared.