The Singular Hotel, Puerto Natales

Inspected By Experience Chile
Approved By Experience Chile


The Singular hotel is one of the most amazing thought-up hotel concepts ever conceived. It has successfully pulled of a mix of history, modernity, luxury, and wonder. This is truly one of those places where you come to stay and get a bonus to your holiday experience.


The Singular Hotel at Puerto Natales, Patagonia is, on the outside, “nothing special”. When pulling up to the reception all there is to see is a rather old looking, wooden Patagonian barn. However, upon entry into “this barn” the clues to what is to come begin to unravel.

We are not going to describe it all here, because you need to be able to experience the check-in yourself otherwise the “wow” factor may be spoilt.

The main building that houses the hotel used to be the refrigeration plant for sheep that were exported around the World from this small port. It was the British who came to Patagonia over 100 years ago who started sheep farming. They built Estancias, prefabricated in sections back in England, as well as large machine parts that were then shipped to Patagonia and then reassembled here.

The hotel owners have very intelligently maintained the building that houses the refrigeration plant machinery whereupon one can still smell the grease and see massive mechanical wheels and pistons with the badge “Built in Sheffield” on the side.

In another part of the “barn” is the restaurant and bar. Again, we do not wish to spoil the effect, but we can say that the food is exceptional and the style and ambience is more like something you would expect to find in New York rather than Patagonia.

The accommodation sector is incredibly modern. Upon arriving to the hallway that connect the rooms the look is more like that of being on a futuristic film set that at a hotel. The rooms are incredibly spacious with luxury, modern, en-suite bathrooms with baths and separate showers. Each room has a floor to ceiling horizontal window enable a fine, direct and unobstructed view out to the beautiful Patagonian landscape.

The Spa is on a lower floor. It is modern and fully equipped to the levels expected of a luxury hotel Spa. Again, the floor to ceiling windows also allow for perfect views to the outside world whilst relaxing in the pool or sun loungers.

Hotel Remota Lodge, Puerto Natales

Inspected By Experience Chile
Approved By Experience Chile


The Hotel Remota is the artistic result of the architect German del Sol, who is one of the most recognised architects in Chile. His idea has been to create a building that is “part of the earth” and, at the same time, reflects the vast expanse of open space in Patagonia.


The Remota Patagonia Hotel is unique. Firstly, from the outside it looks “weird”. Sprawled on a hill side the building forms a badly shaped square with one end open, and the exterior dark colouring does not “look pretty”.

However, as soon as you enter this building you are met with a massive space of modernity. Incredibly high ceilings, wide seating sectors, large tables, interior fire pits and floor to ceiling windows enabling a great view to the beauty of Patagonia outside.

It is not cosy, so if you are looking for that feeling then this is not the hotel for you. But it is interesting, new, and creative and after a couple of nights you will probably love the place.
In our view this is one of the best hotels in Patagonia.

The ethos of the hotel is one of “being natural”, being part of the natural environment. For this reason, the roofs are covered by grass, the exterior is cladded in thick old railway-sleeper wood, and the interior has incredibly high ceilings to create the sense of vast, open space as well as generate natural ventilation.

The earthen covering on the roof and insulation in the walls, together with ample day light filtering in via floor-to-ceiling windows enables the building to be energy efficient and use little by way of heating fuel for a building of this size. The hotel uses stainless steel water refill bottles to cut down the use of plastics and for laundry and pool maintenance the chemicals used are free of contaminant. Paper, cardboard, aluminium, and glass are recycled.

There are 72 bedrooms, located in two separate arms, or wings, of the hotel and the two wings are connected by a long, narrow tunnel-like hallway.

In addition to the rooms there is a separate building that houses the indoor, eternity swimming pool, sauna and massage rooms. Although one needs to walk via the outdoors to the pool, once in it is rather unique to be able to relax and swim whilst view the natural beauty of Patagonia immediately the other side of the window. Again, in the swimming pool building the windows are floor to ceiling.

The restaurant in the main building offers high-end food using local ingredients and fresh vegetables, accompanied with top wines from Chile.