Melimuyo Lodge, Between La Junta & Raul Marin, Carretera Austral, Patagonia


The Melimoyu Lodge, not to be confused with the Alto Melimoyu Lodge, which is located at La Junta, is located approximately at the halfway point between La Junta and the tiny village of Raul Marin Balmaceda.

The lodge is really a private house, designed entirely as a lodge with the use if natural wood and stone. However, it has a modern design and lots of interior space. The four guest rooms are designed, furnished and decorated to a high-end level.

The location of the property is basically “right in the middle of nowhere”! It is surrounded by raw and wild Patagonia.

If you love fly fishing or just want a top-end place to stay over at whilst driving the Carretera Austral then Melimoyu lodge offers two different programs. Please see under the “About” tab. Then, obviously tell us here at ExperienceChile.Org what you want so we can make the arrangements.


The owners of Melimuyo Lodge have marketed it as an exclusive fly-fishing base. However, this does not mean it is only for those who like to fish. It is surrounded by native forests and crystal-clear rivers and these can be appreciated by anyone who loves nature.

From this base, guests will be able to also bird watch, go kayaking, enjoy natural hot springs, soak in the hot tub, walk and use the buggy. At the end of the day there will be high-end cuisine accompanied by great wines.

The lodge offers 4 luxury-level guest rooms and 150 m2 of interior common areas, where small groups of friends and families can relax.

There is a living room, bar, sitting room and dining room too.

On the banks of the river the property offers a hot tub and barbecue area.

However, please note that there is NO internet connection here.

Should you be one of those people with a time restraint and ExperienceChile.Org has arranged for a helicopter arrival, then there is a heliport to accommodate such a landing (weather permitting of course).

If you are coming for the fishing, the lodge provides expert guides.

All meals are paired with drinks and juices, locally crafted beers, imported beers and a wide range of high quality and exclusive wines.

Fly Fishing

The lodge operates fly fishing along the Figueroa and Palena Rivers, Lake Rosselot and a number of secret locations where there are lagoons and spots on the rivers that not many people know about. Novices are welcome too.

Two Types of Program for Two Types of Guest

The All-Inclusive Program

The Lodge offers an all-inclusive program for guests staying two or more nights, which in addition to expeditions with bilingual guides, offers an open bar and all meals at the hands of local chefs skilled in making the most out of the Patagonian ingredients.

IN/OUT transportation to and from the Chaiten Aerodrome, Balmaceda Airport (Coyhaique) and Esquel Airport in Argentina, are also included in the all-inclusive fare.

The Half Board Program for Self Drivers

The Lodge also offers a Half-Board program for those not interested in the All-Inclusive program, designed for self-drivers who want to stay the night at a high-class accommodation, and then continue along their journey through the Carretera Austral. The Half-Board program includes dinner, and guests can access any activities they are interested in at an additional cost.