Lakutaia Lodge, Puerto Williams, Isla Navarino, Patagonia

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The Lakutaia lodge is owned by the local airline company called DAP and they operate the air route between Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams.

Not surprisingly the hotel is located close to the airport, 2km west from Puerto Williams village.


The hotel is a simple, one-block unit, Scandinavian-looking from the outside, modern and practical. It has 24 bedrooms, a restaurant and bar area and offers activities.

Errante Lodge, Puerto Williams, Isla Navarino, Patagonia


The Errante Lodge is perched on a hill side, 5.5km west from Puerto Williams village. It is a small hotel, construed by a couple of nature-passionate dentists who arrived to Isla Navarino in 2017.

There are only 11 double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and two others with a shared bathroom. There is also a restaurant-bar area and a hot tub.


The concept of the hotel, which is owned by and created by two, young, Chilean dentists, is to be a point of convergence between travellers, locals and the magical nature of these latitudes.

Owner Jorge Caros arrived to Puerto Williams looking to make a contribution to the local community via dentistry and health care. Owner Constanza Portus joined the
project some years later, building together the hotel, a place where travellers from all over the world could come and experience raw nature in its original state.

This hotel is one of those rarities where the owners are passionately involved with the cooking and wellbeing of guests so that all can enjoy the unique nature that surrounds them.