Hotel Alto Nevados Chillan

Introduction to Ski Hotel Alto Nevados de Chillan

The Ski Hotel Alto Nevados de Chillan has a very apt name considering that “alto” means high. Not to be confused with the other hotel known as “Nevados de Chillan”, this hotel is located right beside the main ski slopes of the Nevados de Chillan Ski resort. Obviously, this is very handy for those who like the idea to ski in and out of the hotel on to the piste.

It is a boutique type hotel in a very modern, minimalist style, which will not be to everyone’s liking. More practical than cosy. In reality this is a hotel for ardent skiers who are not seeking any particular “home comforts”, but who want a decent and practical place to sleep overnight.

There are 99 guest rooms in the stretched-cube-like building.

Within the hotel facilities is a cafeteria, bar and ski rental.

More Information About Nevados de Chillan Ski Resort

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About Ski Hotel Alto Nevados de Chillan

Alto Nevados de Chillan is a relatively new hotel located right beside the main, pisted ski run of Nevado de Chillan ski centre.

From the outside it does not look particularly inviting, looking very “block-like”. It is a modern, “design concept” boutique hotel whereupon rooms are spacious, but with little furniture to create any kind of “warm atmosphere”.

It is a practical place to sleep if you love skiing and want to get out onto the slopes directly from the hotel front door.

Hotel Nevados De Chillan

Introduction to Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan

The Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan is a modest, rustic style hotel offering 70 guest rooms located on two floors.
In addition to the rooms the hotel offers two exterior thermally-heated pools.

About Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan

Offering 70 guest rooms spread over two floors the Hotel Nevados de Chillan is a one alternative for staying in the Chillan Ski resort area.

The hotel on its exterior looks to be quite simple, rustic even, with modest rooms.

One of the benefits, however, of staying at this hotel is the opportunity to bathe in the exterior hot-spring pools with heated water from natural thermal volcanic heat. The hotel also offers a restaurant.

Nevados de Chillan is located near the pistes within a wooded area, and after it has snowed, the scenery here is very picturesque.

More Information About Nevados de Chillan Ski Resort

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Hotel Termas De Chillan

The Ski Hotel Termas de Chillan is the original, 5-star ski hotel for the Chillan ski centre. Today it is no longer the exclusive hotel for the resort, but it still offers a good level of accommodation and facilities.

Its interior of natural wood creates a warm and “mountain-cosy” ambience.

The hotel offers 109 guest rooms plus all the facilities usually associated with a higher-end hotel such as: restaurants, games room, bar, gym, a store and even a hair salon. In addition, as the name would suggest, there is a thermally heated hot springs spa adjacent to the main hotel. As well as the thermal pools there is also an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool.

In addition to providing a comfortable stay, skiers can take the piste down from above and ski through the woods to the hotel.

About Ski Hotel Termas de Chillan

The Hotel Termas de Chillan is a famous hotel in Chile. Known for its naturally fed, volcanically-heated thermal springs as well as a principal ski centre hotel.
When Termas de Chillan opened it was designated a 5-star rating because it had all the facilities required to achieve this rating. Today, it retains the same rating, although the hotel a little older, although it has endured a renovated recently, bringing modernity and a fresh appearance.

The interior is in a style that reflects “mountain warmth” with natural wood visible in many areas.

Another pleasing aspect to this hotel is that there is a forest almost surrounding the building, and a ski run that cuts through the woods leading directly to the hotel.

The 109 guest rooms are spacious and equipped with large beds, well decorated and welcoming.

Other facilities and services include:
Lounge, bar, café, shop, restaurant, ski storage, ski rental, adjacent hot springs spa, outdoor pool and heated indoor pool.
Spa – Alunco Spa and Wellness

Thought has been invested into the look of this Spa, specifically using natural wood in the interior and running water to create a warm, relaxing ambience for people using the facility. This is one of the largest SPA’s in Chile offering a dry sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzies, small pools, massage and other treatments.

Snowshoe hike and snowmobiles are also offered by the hotel.