Hotel Awasi in San Pedro de Atacama prides itself as being the only luxury lodge offering custom, private tours and excursions with a dedicated driver/guide allocated to each guest suite.

In San Pedro de Atacama the Lodge is located either side of a side street in the centre of the village. In total there are 12 suite rooms, each one is spacious, decorated both externally and internally with the natural colouring of the surrounding desert.

The Awasi hotel, or lodge in San Pedro de Atacama has positioned itself as a unique product. What is meant by this is that unlike a typical hotel, here, when you book a guest room you will receive a dedicated vehicle with driver, who will also be your personal guide for all excursions and tours that you decide to take during your visit.

The lodge is boutique in style. The buildings relating to the lodge are situated either side of a small village road, with some rooms and the reception on one side and the other rooms, restaurant, terrace and small pool on the other side. Don’t worry, each side is sealed off from the street by a wall and for all intents and purposes no one realises that either side there is a hotel.

The main area, where the restaurant is located, is where people can relax in chairs and around tables in an exterior terrace area. The restaurant is also on the edge of this terrace, open on one side, but also under cover. In addition, the kitchen is adjacent to the restaurant and visibly open to the eye.

Gastronomy is a key piece to the Awasi offering, with each plate crafted to haute cuisine levels accompanied by the best Chilean wines.

In the middle of this outer terrace is a small swimming pool.

One thing, however, that guests should be aware of at Awasi is that there are no particular views to any of the Atacama landscape from the rooms nor any other part of the hotel. However, it is positioned smack bang in the middle of the village and therefore it is easy walking to look around San Pedro de Atacama.

Awasi, like other top-end lodges in the area, specialises in offering an all-inclusive program whereby guests will book 4 and more, on the basis that everything is included. Therefore, transfers in and out, all meals, accommodation, tours, excursions are all included during your stay so all you need do is relax and enjoy.

If you see privacy and discretion, Awasi is a good option.

The Awasi restaurant is located in an outdoor terrace area, but with roof covering leaving one side open. The resident chef has only one mission, which is to provide guests with what they desire and to a level of high gastronomic delight.

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