In the Maipo Wine Valley, close to Santiago, is the Santa Rita winery and here is one of Chile’s oldest, traditional 19th century “land owner” houses, converted into a hotel in the mid 1990’s.

Designated a Chilean National monument, it sits within a 40-hectare park, which was landscaped by Frenchman Guillaume Renner.

Today there are 16 guest rooms in the main building, as well as Neo-Gothic chapel, built in 1880, and designed by the German architect Theodor Burchard.

In Chile, there are very few “older” buildings that are still standing, let alone useable, and so Casa Real is a rare opportunity to experience some real Chilean nostalgia, as well as enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.


The Casa Real was originally the summer house for the Santa Rita winery founder Domingo Fernández Concha. The building is located amid a park of 40 hectares which was designed in the style of large gardens or parks that usually accompanied large European estate houses. For example, ornamental fountains, box hedge mazes, avenues with walking paths and large lawns.

Then there is the chapel. This is a fine building that has a Gothic style exterior, but the interior show cases Norman arches and Roman style vaulted domes. The renown Chilean artist of the day, in 1885, Alfredo Valenzuela Puelma, painted the saints on the chapel walls. Once completed, the chapel was the principal Catholic place of worship for everyone on the Santa Rita estate.

The hotel offers 16 guest rooms plus a terrace, from where there is a fine view of the park and lake, a tranquil inner courtyard, a pergola, outdoor swimming pool and indoor gym.

The hotel still has large, high-ceilinged salons that have not changed since the late 19th century. These nostalgic spaces, that ooze tradition and elegance, can be used by hotel guests and include the entry hall, dining room, billiard room and inner colonnade.

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