Hotel Cumbres one of the largest hotels in Sa Pedro de Atacama, with 60 guest rooms.

It is located in an area almost opposite the Tierra Atacama, but on the “other side” of the small, dusty road. This is an area on the periphery of San Pedro village.
Overall, this hotel radiates more of a commercial feel due to its large size, and its meeting and conference facilities. There are more people, larger spaces, even T.V.s in the guest rooms, therefore, if this is what you are after then it is a good option.

Facilities include outdoor swimming pools, a gym, massage and even two saunas, plus a restaurant of course.

As with the other higher-end hotels, or lodges in and around San Pedro de Atacama, Cumbres offers excursions with their own vehicles with guides.


Cumbres Atacama is a “desert-designed” hotel, but with a “city-like” hotel feel. It offers spacious guest rooms, each one located next to the other in long “wings” of the hotel. Within the rooms are TV’s with cable service – something the other higher-end lodges do not offer, and exterior, private patio areas outside each room.

Upon entry to the main reception area, one is greeted by a sense of space. The lobby is spacious, the restaurant with many tables, long exterior paths off which are the individual room entrances.

The hotel occupies a large chunk of land within which are native trees and desert plants.


The Kunza restaurant offers “Atacama” gastronomy using ingredients form the area. The actual place where the restaurant is located is in the main, reception sector of the hotel, where quite a number of tables are waiting for guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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