Should you select Altiplanico Easter Island and wish to have a bed and breakfast stay along with your own rent a car, or a fully all-inclusive stay with all transport, excursions and meals included please ask ExperienceChile.Org to sort it out. We have good relations with key local people in Easter Island who can show you the “jewels” of the Island and talk about its history.


Along with its sister Altiplanico lodges in Chile, the Altiplanico at Easter Island offers a unique, independent, boutique style small hotel, but to high standards. The owners have made a specific effort to reflect local Rapa Nui culture in the design of the buildings, as well as involving music, art, and history depictions into the exterior and interior decoration.


Altiplanico lodge buildings and facilities occupies 1.5 hectares of land and comprises of a main building with open lounge and restaurant, and a number of individual villas that home the 17 guest rooms. In addition, there is an outdoor pool, gardens, and open spaces in-between the guest villas.

The complex is in an area known as the Hiniere sector, about 2km from Hanga Roa village. It is also on the coast with views to the Pacific Ocean.
Considering the location of the hotel, it offers a quiet place to return to after a day of excursions.


With a seated capacity for 48 guests, the Altiplanico restaurant is a great place to enjoy a fusion of Polynesian and Easter Island Cuisine.

Local ingredients include tuna, lobster and sweet potatoes among other specialities such as the typical fruits like cassava, taro, guava and mango.

One of the unique aspects to dining here is the setting. Three sides of the restaurant are open to the exterior and one full side has a direct view of the garden and to the Pacific Ocean.

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