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The Hotel Alto Calafate is located in a remote area in high ground (hence the name “Alto”) on the left side as you enter through the El Calafate official entrance. Due to its location, it enjoys nice views down to Lake Argentina.

The Hotel Alto Calafate is a modern, city-like hotel, in an isolated sector of El Calafate. It is located up on a hill on the left side when entering El Calafate. Because of its altitude it has long-distance views over El Calafate and the Lake Argentina.

The lounge, bar and restaurant area are reminiscent of a good mid-level city hotel.
Its bedrooms offer modest space and are decorated in a warm, comfortable style.

This is a decent hotel and perfectly good for excursions with transfers included, however, it is some distance away from the centre of El Calafate and therefore walking anywhere is not really an option and all transport will require a taxi ride.

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