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The Hotel Cabaña del Lago offers a hotel with 158 rooms plus 5 self-contained eco-apartment cabins. In 1980 the owner, Luis Wellman, from German ancestry, opened the cabins and later came the hotel and even later arrived a much larger, more modern hotel. Effectively there is a combination of cabins, plus a building that was the original hotel and another, larger building which is a newer part of the overall hotel offering.

This hotel definitely reflects a German style (as does much of the Lake Region in Chile) with the use of natural wood on walls and ceilings.


The main style of the hotel is that of an “Alpine” lodge, with good use of stone and natural wood as well as stone ceramics in areas such as the spa. The 158 rooms are well decorated in a cosy, warm style with the use of natural wood panelling halfway up the wall and nice, warm colouring together with well-chosen bed covering materials. All rooms have a view of one sector of the Lake Llanquihue (pronounced yan-kee-way), but not the volcano.

However, the north-eastern, corner rooms do have the view to the volcano. The principal view from most of the rooms is of the lake and along the lake shore as well as the village of Puerto Varas.

There is also a good indoor swimming pool and spa, a restaurant and event centre.

It should be noted that this hotel caters for families, very well, with amenities such as a children’s room, billiard room, cinema room as well as an outdoor children games area and football field.

Therefore, if you have kids then this is probably a good place to include on your itinerary, on the other hand, if you do not have children and you seek “peace and quiet” then this may not be the place to include in your itinerary.

The Restaurant

From the “Mirador del Lago” restaurant there is a view of the lake, and volcano, as well as food from the locality.

There are also two bars, one is called the Tronador Bar, located on the 6th floor where there is a good view of the Llamquihue lake and Osorno Volcano at the far end.

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