The hotel Corralco ski lodge is currently the only hotel situated at the Corralco ski centre. One of the wonderful aspects to this hotel is that it is almost surrounded by an Araucaria forest. These unique trees have hard, triangular evergreen leaves packed closely together around each branch. The nickname of this tree is “monkey puzzle” tree, because it is the only tree a monkey cannot climb. Compared to “traditional” trees the appearance of an Araucaria tree is “exotic” and more so when there is a forest of them. Therefore, where Hotel Corralco is located, amid these trees, makes for yet another new experience for people staying here.

The hotel offers 54 guest rooms at good level along with good facilities such as indoor pool, spa and restaurant.

In addition, it is possible to ski out from the hotel and onto the ski lift network.

About Hotel Corralco Ski Lodge

The Hotel Corralco, apart from being in an Araucaria forest, is located within the Malalcahuello National Reserve – an area of outstanding natural beauty, and about half way up the Lonquimay Volcano. The snow-covered area near the summit of the volcano cone is serviced by a ski lift and from here there is access to the ski area on the southern side of the volcano back down to the hotel.

The hotel offers 54 guest rooms, all reasonably spacious, furnished and decorated to a good level. Complementing the guest rooms is a decent indoor swimming pool and spa, restaurant and bar.

In addition to the skiing and hotel facilities there are also a number of activities such as cooking classes, craft work, painting, movies, treasure hunt and so on.

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