The Explora group offers high-end, boutique “adventure” lodges from where guests can embark on various, daily excursions to experience, understand and know the local habitat. And, at the end of the day, return to a comfortable room, enjoy great food, with top wines and relax in a nice atmosphere.

This lodge, in line with its sister lodges in Torres del Paine, San Pedro de Atacama and elsewhere, follows a unique exterior architectural design, but a minimalist interior design with exposed raw cement walls in guest rooms, offset by some wooden panelling, modern furniture, lighting and warm fabrics.

All Inclusive Program

In line with other hotels of this high-end category, Explora offers all-inclusive programs. These include everything you need during your stay, such as all meals, transfers in and out, tours and excursions with educated guides, lodge facilities and, of course, accommodation.


The Explora group of adventure lodges has manged to mark a presence in the key “naturally-dramatic and beautiful” destinations of Chile. These are: Easter Island, San Pedro de Atacama, Carretera Austral and Torres del Paine. In each case, the main lodge is architecturally unique, minimalist, and different to the normal hotel or lodge style that travellers are accustomed to.

The Explora Easter Island lodge is, possibly, the one which is “the simplest” of the group. The exterior design comprises a number of units spread in “open fan” shape, each with a flat roof, protected by earth-coloured tiles, exterior walls are covered in dark wood panelling from halfway up, and natural stone from the ground to where it meets the wood.

On the side of the lodge that faces the countryside and Pacific Ocean (in the distance), there are numerous tall windows so guests can enjoy great views of the natural surroundings.
The interior communal areas are naturally welcoming, courtesy of modern, light-coloured wood panelling on walls and ceilings. However, in the guest rooms, there is a mix of exposed raw cement walls, with a small amount of natural wood panelling.

In the lodge grounds, connected by an exterior boardwalk, there is an outdoor swimming pool with sun lounge deck.

There are only 30 guest rooms at Explora Easter Island, which enables for a more “intimate” stay experience.


The lodge offers a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food served here is of haute cuisine involving local, flavoursome ingredients.

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