Inspected By Experience Chile


Hotel Imago is a modern boutique-style hotel. Rooms are reasonable spacious and offer a cosy, comfortable ambience. The hotel also offers a first-class spa facility with massages and other relaxing treatments.

Featured Hotel

Why a Featured Hotel? In our view Hotel Imago Spa offers a good level of accommodation in terms of room space as well as well-chosen interior decoration that creates an up-market, boutique sensation. It also has an excellent spa and wellness centre.


The name Imago has Greek origins referring to “image”. The philosophy of the hotel owners is to enable guests to achieve their “inner” and “outer” selves during their stay. The idea is that here, as a guest, you will be able to relax your mental and physical being and for this reason alone the recommended, minimum time here is three nights.

During this period you will not only have a great place to return to at the end of each day, but you will be able to destress, de-tox, lose weight or start a new fitness regime, if you so wish.

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