Inspected By Experience Chile
Approved By Experience Chile


Superior 3 Star Boutique Hotel.

Why is this a featured hotel? We view this hotel to offer a special ambience not often found in other hotels. Immediately upon entry into the hotel there is an aroma of a sweet scent and the warm glow of candles. The rooms are incredibly spacious and on two floors. There are kitted out with kitchenettes, which are ideal if you prefer to cook in at night. In our view this hotel is good quality and fits the “boutique” category perfectly.

This is a small, but modern high-end boutique hotel. The entrance is usually scented with candles and immediately upon arrival the guest gets a sense of comfort.

We like this hotel because of the style and ambiance it emanates. Rooms are also spacious and well thought out, even though they are designed as duplex rooms on two floors. If you want to self-cater then each room has its own kitchenette.

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