Introduction to Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan

The Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan is a modest, rustic style hotel offering 70 guest rooms located on two floors.
In addition to the rooms the hotel offers two exterior thermally-heated pools.

About Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan

Offering 70 guest rooms spread over two floors the Hotel Nevados de Chillan is a one alternative for staying in the Chillan Ski resort area.

The hotel on its exterior looks to be quite simple, rustic even, with modest rooms.

One of the benefits, however, of staying at this hotel is the opportunity to bathe in the exterior hot-spring pools with heated water from natural thermal volcanic heat. The hotel also offers a restaurant.

Nevados de Chillan is located near the pistes within a wooded area, and after it has snowed, the scenery here is very picturesque.

More Information About Nevados de Chillan Ski Resort

Please follow this link to see our presentation on Nevados de Chillan ski centre.

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