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For years Pucon was without a high-end accommodation option, but now, at last, it has one. The Vira Vira lodge is an up-market, country lodge-style property set within its own 22-hectare estate, beside the Liucura River.

The Swiss owners, in line with Swiss perfection, have focussed on every detail and aspect of this property to provide real, luxury, high-level accommodation, plus the bits and pieces that accompany such a statement. For example, the food and wine is gourmet, and the wines are among the top end; excursions are operated with exclusivity in mind, some trips are unique to Vira Vira and guides are professional.

Surrounding the main lodge are lush gardens and native woodland and from some areas there is an exceptional view of the snow-covered cone of the Villarrica Volcano.

In addition, the Swiss owners have brought a sense of home with them by way of their very own modern, cheese-making facility, accompanied by their own organic vegetable garden.

Accommodation is split between 12, luxury, split-level villas, with separate living room with river frontage; 6 suites and a 5-bedroom house for up to 10 guests.

All rooms are tastefully decorated with well-chosen objects, colour selection, wall hangings, rugs and textured fabrics. Tall, picture windows, open up views to the natural, outside world.


In line with other top-end accommodation lodges in Chile, such as the likes of Tierra, Explora, Singular and Viña Vik, the Vira Vira is currently the best high-end accommodation offering within the Pucon area.

The guest rooms are all decorated, furnished, and styled in a way that exudes quality and style. Such luxury is either expected by guests who have lives of the same level or can be a new experience for those who wish to be “pampered” for a while. Either way, a few nights here will be a fine reward and experience from the usual life that most people endure.

The overall emphasis is one of exclusivity. Guest rooms exude quality, food is gourmet, excursions are varied and designed in such a way to enable guests to appreciate the natural surroundings and culture.

Great care is taken to suit the excursion and / or activity to the individual guest’s abilities and health as well as personal desires. With this in mind, there are over 39 excursion activities accompanied by educated guides.

Community Visit

Vira Vira, like most of Pucon, is built on native Mapuche land. The owners took great care to involve the Mapuches in the process of building the property on their land and one of the things to come out of this is a good relationship with the Mapuche people. Consequently, at Vira Vira there is an option to visit a traditional Mapuche Ruka House and learn about their unique culture. See at close quarters how a Mapuche woman weaves on her loom and enjoy some of their culinary heritage.

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