The Ski Puocn Hotel Vira Vira is one of the best lodge hotels in Chile, let alone Pucon. It is for high-end clients, those who want and appreciate real luxury rooms and overall facilities and who have the budget to enjoy such services.

During the winter months Vira Vira offers some exclusive ski-related excursions including helicopter transport to snowy mountain peaks, and other remote areas as well as, for example, snowshoe walking through snow-laden forests.

The Vira Vira lodge is an up-market, country lodge-style property set within its own 22-hectare estate, beside the Liucura River.

Accommodation is split between 12, luxury, split-level villas, with separate living room with river frontage; 6 suites and a 5-bedroom house for up to 10 guests.

All rooms are tastefully decorated with well-chosen objects, colour selection, wall hangings, rugs and textured fabrics. Tall, picture windows, open views to the natural, outside world.

About Ski Pucon Hotel Vira Vira

The guest rooms at Vira Vira are all decorated, furnished, and styled in a way that exudes quality and style. Such luxury is either expected by guests who have lives of the same level or can be a new experience for those who wish to be “pampered” for a while. Either way, a few nights here will be a fine reward and experience from the usual life that most people endure.

The overall emphasis is one of exclusivity. Guest rooms exude quality, food is gourmet, excursions are varied and designed in such a way to enable guests to appreciate the natural surroundings and culture.

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