Le Rêve is a boutique hotel that occupies an historic building in one of the remaining few culturally interesting streets of Santiago.
Offer 31 guest rooms on 4 floors (with an elevator), inner court garden, some with a small balcony, or terrace.

It should be noted that the actual building that the hotel occupies is a Chilean National Monument.

As the name may suggest, the hotel has French roots. Originally the building designed in the French architectural style, the hotel follows its French history, and the interior decoration and overall style is based upon the French style, but for today’s world. Classic, high-end interior room decoration offers comfort and cosiness.


The Orrego Luco Street, where Le Reve is located, is an architectural “microcosm” of an elegant past life. At a time in Chile when numerous small neighbourhoods sprouted up as the Chilean economy grew in the 19th Century, the properties around the Orrego Lucro street were the town houses for the “well off”.

With European style facades, the buildings in these small areas looked like they had been transported to Santiago from Paris or London.

The La Reve hotel now occupies one of these historical buildings, retaining the exterior European style façade, but with totally renovated interiors to offer 32 quality guest accommodation rooms.

In line with quality-level, boutique hotels in Europe, Le Reve operates an “honesty bar” system in it lounge area.

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