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Mallin Colorado occupies 12 hectares of steep hill side and forest. In a sector cleared of trees are a number of independent cabins, made from natural logs, each reflecting a cosy charm of “the forest”. The interiors have warm lighting, log-burning fires and are generally decorated in a “homely” way. As they say themselves, their accommodation modules are a “fusion” between the rustic look and modern comfort.

Each of the four cabins enjoy an elevated view down to the edge of Lake general Carrera, with a Patagonian forest to the back.

More recently, an additional accommodation lodge has been added.


Mallin Colorado is truly a very quiet place where the only sound at night is the Patagonian wind, if it is blowing. The objective of Mallin Colorado is to offer guests a real place where they can be “cut off” from the normal hustle and bustle of modern life. If you just want to sit in your cabin, look at the view, read a book and not be disturbed then this is definitely the place to do that.

However, if you wish to participate in activities such as hiking and / or visit the local, natural attractions then you can do that too.

The principal lodge is what they call “the club house”. This is a very homely place with a stone-sided log fireplace, dining tables and sitting room area. The kitchen is within this building and where guests can come and enjoy their breakfast and other meals.

In addition, and in line with other Patagonian properties, there is a “Quincho”, which means barbecue place where roast lamb is often prepared.

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