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The individual cabins, that comprise Mirador Guadal (which means Guadal Viewpoint), are positioned spaciously apart on a steep-sided hill facing Lake General Carrera.

There are 8 cabins spread around the property ranging from 2-person capacity rooms to family suites where capacity is 4 people in a cabin.

Each cabin, or room, is well finished, warm, cosy and modern rustic style, as well as offering a nice view to the lake.


In 1997, inspired by the beauty and tranquillity of the area on the southern shore of Lake General Carrera, the owners planned to build several, quite spacious, independent cabins with views to the lake, and did so a few years later.

Before commencing with the construction, the location of where each cabin would go was carefully considered in order that each one would have its own, unique view of the lake as well as receive the required privacy from other cabins with guests. Thought was given to where the windows would go, what size they should be as well as allowing for rooms to be spacious and comfortable. Planning even included the provision for sufficient space where a guest could read and be close to the fireplace.

In addition to the accommodation cabins, there is a restaurant, for breakfast and dinner, from where there are views through the woods to the lake beyond and glaciers atop the Northern ice field.

The emphasis here is on personal service and attention.

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