Hotel Nayara Alto Atacama began life as a high-end family-owned hotel and opened its doors in 2008. Today it managed by Naraya hotel group, along with the Hanga Roa Hotel on Easter Island.

The hotel, or lodge, itself is an excellent product. Architecturally it radiates high-end design, with large guest rooms, some with equally large outer terraces, a number of exterior bathing pools, its own observatory for star gazing, a fine outdoor restaurant, spa and inner gardens.

All buildings are coloured with tones of the natural, surrounding desert which camouflages excellent into the sand-coloured surroundings.

Another aspect to this lodge is that it is located on an elevation in the entry sector to the Quitor Canyon, offering a certain amount of tranquillity and quietness not found in the centre of San Pedro village.

All Inclusive Program
In line with other hotels of this high-end category, Nayara Alto Atacama offers all-inclusive programs. This means that during your stay everything you need such as all meals, transfers in and out, tours and excursions with educated guides, lodge facilities and, of course, accommodation is included. All you need to do is relax and enjoy.


For ExperienceChile.Org the Nayara Alto Atacama lodge is right up there as being one of the best desert lodges in San Pedro de Atacama, if not in the entire Atacama.

What makes this hotel so good is its uniqueness and attention to detail. All the guest rooms offer a good amount of space along with an exterior, covered, private patio area.

The overall interior decoration of the buildings compliment, in a harmonic way, to the exterior colours of the desert and, the exterior of the buildings has almost the same colour as the orange and red of the desert canyon walls.

The leisure facilities are also finished to a high degree of quality, both the spa and exterior bathing pools.

In addition the is an interior corral where native llamas wander.

Finally, and perhaps the greatest surprise here is the hotel’s own small observatory for star gazing.

Like the other top-end lodges in San Pedro de Atacama, the Nayara Alto Atacama lodge specialises in “all-inclusive” programs. This means that you book, for example, four nights, or longer, and pay for everything that will include accommodation, meals, facilities and tours that are guided by educated guides, along with transport and, when required, high-end picnics.


The main restaurant at Alto Atacama is located near the main entrance and covers and indoor and outdoor area. The menu offers crafted dishes that use locally grown produce, accompanied by a quality Chilean wine selection.

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