Inspected By Experience Chile


Pudu lodge is located in the northern sector of El Chalten village. This is useful for the northern trail heads. The lodge is simple in both appearance and construction. Rooms are reasonably spacious, but decoration of the rooms is at a minimal level, suggesting that this is more to the liking of those seeking a simple place for the night and not any luxury.


Pudu, which is the name of a small deer native to Patagonia, was created by a group of mountaineers who love the area and wanted to offer an accommodation base to like-minded people. Therefore, if you are more of a trekker and do not seek the homely luxuries of other hotels then this is the place for you.

The location of the lodge is excellent for the northern-start trails (northern sector of El Chalten, where the lodge is located).

There are 28 bedrooms, all reasonably spacious, with decent bathrooms, but interior decoration is almost minimalist. It offers good accommodation without the “frills”.

The communal dining hall offers guests an opportunity to meet and chat. There is also WiFi for those who wish to connect to the outside world.

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