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The Termas (which means hot springs) de Puyuhuapi, which is now known as Puyuhuapi Lodge, is nestled beside an inlet (Dorita Bay) off the Puyuhuapi fiord. It offers 30 guest rooms enabling it to be a “personal” hotel.

To get here requires a short boat ride across the fiord from the Carretera Austral, otherwise this is a totally “cut off”, secluded place.

The main hotel building is constructed from natural, wood with some sectors in stone. It is a high-end lodge emanating warmth and cosiness to those who enter.

On one side of the property is dense, natural, native Patagonian forest and in front is the Dorita Bay, which connects into the fiord of Puyuhuapi with forested hills the other side. The land the property sits upon is fed by natural hot-spring water from the ground, hence the name “termas”, and a number of pools have been created so that guests can bathe in the mineral-rich, heated waters.

It was opened in the early 1990’s, but it was ahead of its time. Today Puyuhuapi Lodge is one of those perfect places to unwind, relax, enjoy the natural beauty of nature all around. Activities and excursions here include walking in native, temperate rainforest, visiting the nearby Queulat National Park, sailing between Patagonian islands and fjords, enjoying thermal spring waters, relaxing with thalassotherapy treatments or massages in the spa, and then treating yourself to good food and a selection of wines at the end of the day.


The common areas of the Puyuhuapi Lodge enjoy large, picture windows that expose the magnificent exterior views to the stunning nature outside. There is a good, indoor pool and spa that offers personal health treatments. Then there are some outdoor heated, hot-spring pools where guests can bathe in warmth and, at the same time, breathe in clean, natural Patagonian air whilst also taking in the view be it during the day or maybe the spectacular star-lit night sky.

The exterior of the main building and accommodation sector is reminiscent of the historical buildings found in Chiloe island. These are constructions, not built up from foundations, but placed on stilts with the roof covered over with small wooden tiles.

The rooms are all finished to a high level of comfort with a great used of finished, natural wood, well-chosen colours and mand made bed coverings.

The key to staying at Puyuhuapi Lodge is to provide great comfort whilst being able to totally disconnect from the usual hustle and bustle of most people’s normal life style. One can opt to just relax here or participate in activities that include hiking, kayaking, boat trips, visits to National Parks.

Do not come here if you need the internet! The hotel does not have televisions or internet in the rooms specifically so that guests can “cut off” from the World.

The lodge spa treatments are many including an algae bath and hot stones as options to choose from.

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