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Approved By Experience Chile


This is an authentic working estancia in the heart of Patagonia with easy access into Torres del Paine. Very comfortable, large, English-style rooms and breathtaking views out over the Patagonia landscape. Amazing views from the dining room to the Torres of Torres del Paine in the distance.

Let us include a stay here within your Patagonian itinerary.

This is a real-life-working estancia located outside the “official” Torres del Paine boundary, but in a fantastic position.

An authentic working sheep estancia with high-end accommodation decorated in an up-market rural, rustic style.

The superior rooms are very spacious, king beds, large bathrooms, superb views out over the straw-coloured Patagonian Ocean plane.

No electricity after 23:00hrs.

Emergency, portable light in each room.

The standard rooms are also excellent and only a little smaller in space than the superior rooms. Room 2 has a view to the TDP Central Massiff. 180 degree view from the restaurant out to the TDP Central Massiff and the Torres of Torres del Paine.

Enormous Fogon containing a super large fire pit for a Patagonian BBQ.

In our opinion a stay here will allow you to not only see Torres del Paine, trek the W, but also get a real-life experience of a real Patagonian estancia. To arrange your accommodation with us, email us…

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