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Explora Patagonia, also known as Hotel Salto Chico, is a luxury hotel situated beside Lake Pehoe in Torres Del Paine national park. This hotel is one of our hand-picked featured hotels because of its prime location, luxury amenities and breathtaking views.

You can stay at Explora Patagonia as part of one of our premium itineraries, contact us today to include this incredible hotel in your itinerary.

Explora is known for its commitment to sustainability, equine culture and all-round appreciation of South American culture and lifestyle. When you visit Explora Patagonia, you’ll see just how much care and attention they give to the local environment, as well as their guests.

The Spa

After a long day embarking on excursions, exploring Chile and taking in the local wildlife, you can treat yourself to an immersive spa experience at Explora Patagonia’s Ona spa.

Here, you can relax your tired limbs in the pool or in an open-air jacuzzi, whilst taking in the views of Rio Paine. Alternatively, you can also choose from several essential oil massages to get you ready for your next day of exploration.

Explora Patagonia Food

The dining experience at Hotel Explora Patagonia is second-to-none. Their menu has been carefully curated to provide ample nutrition for all those looking to explore Torres Del Paine national park and beyond.

Each dish is paired with Chilean wine (alternative premium wines are also available) and all food is prepared with the highest quality ingredients. This is the perfect treat after a long day of seeing the sights. Book with us to experience Explora Patagonia food firsthand.

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