Zodiac into Torres del Paine From Puerto Natales


This is a full day excursion that offers great sights, a close-up look at Glacier Serrano breaking off into icebergs in a lagoon and an adventurous fast-speed zodiac trip upriver into Torres del Paine.

It also serves as a great alternative to get into Torres del Paine and sure beats the bus!

Serrano Glacier Full Day from Puerto Natales


This is an ideal add-on to the rest of your Torres del Paine itinerary and will enable you to see another side of Patagonia from the water, as well as get close to an impressive glacier coming down from the snow-capped Andes into a lagoon.

Half Day, 8 x 8 Up Dorotea Mountain, Puerto Natales, Patagonia


This is an opportunity to enjoy an adventurous ride up a steep-side mountain (Doretea) and get a panoramic view over Puerto Natales and the surround area.

The Milodon Cave, Puerto Natales, Patagonia


If you are relaxing in Puerto Natales or have a few hours to kill, a visit to the Milodon cave is well worth a visit. This is a spacious cave that penetrates a couple of hundred metres into conglomerate rock. Formed millions of years in the past, the cave is called the “Milodon” after a prehistoric creature whose bones were found in the cave. There is a sculpture of the creature that stands near the entrance.

Conglomerate rock is comprised of millions of pebbles and small stones that were brought down with the river or rivers and deposited over millions of years, layer over layer, to be mixed with sediment and compressed with considerable force into a kind of natural concrete.