Lazo to Weber Trek / Trekking Lazo – Weber

Lazo to Weber Trek / Trekking Lazo - Weber

Only Possible with a Pre-Arranged Private Transfer (with Experience Chile)


  • Operated: From October to April.
  • Start: Laguna Verde (Located at Estancia Lazo)
  • End: Weber bridge
  • Trek Time: 5hrs return, but usually done as a one way.
  • Distance: 13 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Experience Required: None, but you need to be reasonably fit and accustomed to long walks.
  • Altitude Drop: 559m


The start of this trek is from the Estancia (Hosteria) Mirador del Paine – which is technically outside the Park and will required transport to get here. The trek takes about 2.5hrs and offers a great view of Lago Toro and a panoramic view of the Torres del Paine Massif, glaciers and other mountains. It ends in the Park not far from the Weber bridge. Therefore, you will need to be met at the end point.

At the start of this trek you will pass by the Laguna Verde and then walk through a Lenga and Coigue forest. You may see ducks, frogs, woodpeckers, condors, and possibly local bird species like jargon and Cachaña.

After 2 hrs walking, you will reach the Onda Lagoon, and you will be able to look over the Baguales mountain range and the Cuenos del Paine.

From here you will cross over towards the western section of the park and continue on through to the Ciervos lagoon and reach the Toro lookout at 559m where you will get an incredible view of Lake Toro, the Paine river, Serrano Valley, Mount Balmaceda, the Geike and Tyndall glaciers and the southern Patagonian ice field, you will continue de path until the Weber bridge and the trek will be finish.

Trek Lago Sarmiento

Lake Sarmiento / Lago Sarmiento


  • Operated: All year
  • Start: CONAF Hut - Portería (Entrance) Lago Sarmiento
  • End: CONAF Hut - Portería (Entrance) Laguna Amarga
  • Trek Time: 3 hours
  • Distance: 6 km approximately
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Experience Required: None
  • Altitude Gain: 200 m


A wonderful and unforgettable excursion that connects two of the four entrances that the Torres del Paine National Park has, allowing you to see and experience lots of wildlife.

From the moment of entering the park through the Portería Lago Sarmiento, you will start the trail with a slight inclination that offers a lateral view of Lake Sarmiento, which is the preferred hunting area for the puma. Also, from here you will have a spectacular view of the Torres del Paine massif.

After an hour of walking you will arrive to a rocky conglomerate where there are more than 20 cave paintings that date back around 6,000 years ago. The activity continues towards Laguna Blanquillos, which is a nesting and feeding place for different endemic bird species in Patagonia

After 3 hours of walking you will arrive at the main access to the Torres del Paine National Park: the Laguna Amarga entrance.