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For the visitor, Chile is an opportunity to see incredible landscapes and be amazed at the stunning beauty, and power of nature.

However, amid the “jaw dropping” scenery are numerous activities that can be appreciated. These include visits to wineries, trekking (especially in Torres del Paine), glacier hiking, kayaking (both lake and sea), fly fishing, skiing (in the Chilean winter months), cruising around Patagonia, visiting Antarctica, bathing in hot springs, seeing penguins, whale watching, white water rafting and climbing volcanoes among many other options.

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Where Can the Activities be Experienced?

Below we will mention the principal locations where various activities can be found.

Chile Activities Trekking Torres Del Paine Torres Base Experience Chile


The main trekking places are in the Chilean Lake Region, Torres del Paine National Park, Carretera Austral plus many other places in the National Parks of Chile.

Chile Activities Torres Del Paine Grey Ice Hike Experience Chile Copy 0

Glacier Hike

Principal ice hikes are carried out on the Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park as well as on the Perito Moreno Glacier near El Calafate in Argentina.

Chile Activities Torres Del Paine Kayak Lago Grey Experience Chile Copy 0


There are many places where kayak can be done including the Chilean Lake Region, Pucon especially, also Puerto Varas, the Carretera Austral and Torres del Paine National Park among others.

Chile Activities Fly Fishing Experience Chile

Fly Fishing

The key fly-fishing areas in Chile are to be found in the Chilean Lake Region, and in Patagonia, for example along the Carretera Austral, Torres del Paine National Park and Tierra del Fuego.

Chile Activities Patagonia Cruises Australis Ship Experience Chile

Patagonia Cruise

There are three types of Patagonia Cruise as well as different routes and ships. These are: The Australis, which navigates the fiords and channels south of Punta Arenas; the Skorpios which navigates the channels from Puerto Natales (near Torres del Paine) and back; and the Navimag, which is actually a cargo ferry that operates between Puerto Natales and Puerto Montt but that also carries passengers.

Chile Activities Antartica Expeditions Experience Chile

Antarctica Expedition

Both Chile and Argentina offer departures pints for trips to the Antarctic. From Chile departures are from Punta Arenas and from Argentina departures are from Ushuaia.

Chile Activities Geometrica Hot Springs Experience Chile

Hot Springs

The numerous volcanoes in Chile provide the source for water to be naturally heated by nature. Consequently, in various spots throughout the country there are hot springs where you can bathe. The particular areas where “user friendly” thermal hot springs are located are around the Pucon area in the Chilean Lake District, and along the Carretera Austral.

Chile Activities King Penguins Experience Chile


From Punta Arenas there are trips to Santa Magdalena Island which is home to thousands of Magellan penguins. Also, from Punta Arenas there is an option to go to Tierra del Fuego and see King penguins.

Chile Activities Antarctica Whale Feeding Experience Chile

Whale Watching

There is a designated marine park in the channels of the Chilean Pacific archipelago to the west of Punta Arenas and in this spot many whales come to feed. Depending on local weather conditions there are “crack of dawn” departures from Punta Arenas for day, and overnight trips.

Chile Activities Lake Region Rafting Experience Chile

White Water Rafting

There are white water rafting options in on many rivers in Chile. However, the principal places that offer regular rafting trips are Pucon and Futaleufu. Pucon is more for the “moderate” rafter, whereas Futaleufu is for the more serious rafter.

Chile Activities Pucon Climbing Villarrica Volcano Experience Chile

Volcano Climbing

Although it is possible to climb volcanoes near San Pedro de Atacama, in northern Chile, the main place for this activity is Villarrica Volcano with access from Pucon, in the Chilean Lake District.

Chile Activities Wine Lunch At Clos Apalta Experience Chile Copy 0

Wine Valleys

Chile produces some of the best varietal wine in the World. This is due to the combination of sun, altitude, soil, moisture, and sloped vineyards, better known as the “terroir”. Most of these wine-producing valleys are in the country’s Central Valley, and near to Santiago. Therefore, from Santiago there are options for day trips to visit vineyards and enjoy tastings, as well as longer, overnight stays at great hotels.

Chile Activities Skiing Powder Portillo Experience Chile Ski


The Andes Mountain range is the highest outside of the Himalaya. During the Chilean winter months of July and August, when it snows on the mountains the options for skiing fresh powder and pisted slopes are several. Particularly close to the capital, Santiago, are Portillo, Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado and Farellones. A little further south from Santiago is a place called Puma Lodge (requires group bookings). Then, about 6hrs by car south from Santiago, near the city of Chillan is the Nevados de Chillan, followed further south by Corralco and then Pucon ski centres.


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