Blue Lagoon / Laguna Azul Trek to the Sierra Masle Look Out


  • Operated: All year
  • Start: CONAF Hut at Laguna Azul
  • End: CONAF Hut at Laguna Azul
  • Trek Time: 2-hour return
  • Distance: 10 km return
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Experience Required: None
  • Altitude Gain: 200m


Located around the other side of the Park (going in an anti-clock wise rotation), this is a very blue-coloured lake from where there is a great view to the towers of Torres del Paine and also home to many types of flora and fauna, and especially good for bird watching. Only a 20min drive from the Laguna Amarga entrance into Torres del Paine. Considering it is accessible by vehicle, this is an easy place to get to and does not involve any difficulty. Also, this hike is one of the options for those who want to observe the Torres del Paine Towers without walking up to the base.

The view of the famous three Torres del Paine towers from this trail offers a different perspective than from elsewhere in the Park, and in some ways can be even more awe-inspiring.

From the Laguna Azul parking lot, you can hike a short trek to the Sierra Masle lookout. This is only a 1hr walk, and on this small and easy trek there are many animals to see, such as guanacos and birds.

This hike is ideal for “non-hikers” or people with kids.

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