Note: The above photos, including the banner one, do not necessarily reflect stations or views on this particular trek. Considering that we do not have all the images required we have had to use general photos of various treks in El Chalten.

El Chalten Laguna de Los Tres & Laguna Sucia


The full day trek to Laguna de Los Tres and Laguna Sucia is the most spectacular and unforgettable trek of the region. For this reason, if you are sort of time, you should make sure you do this one.

  • Start: El Chalten - Northern Sector of El Chalten, at the end of San Martin Avenue; beginning of Route 41.
  • End: Laguna de Los Tres


  • Grade of Difficulty: Difficult (be aware of changing weather conditions).
  • Distance: 22.5km, return.
  • Trek Time: 9hrs, return.
  • Experience Required: You need to be reasonably fit. No trekking experience required, but you should be accustomed to long walks, and trekking poles are recommended.
  • Season: All year round, but in the winter, it depends on the conditions.


This is the classic, most stunning and memorable trek at El Chalten. However, the final sector is steep and not recommended on windy or wet days. Sturdy footwear and trekking poles are recommended.

After 20 minutes ascending from El Chalten, you will walk through a forest and into open, often windy areas, however, from here there is a superb view of the Rio de las Vueltas valley.

The pathway will split into two at a sign-posted fork, and you can choose to go to the Mount Fitz Roy viewpoint or go to Laguna Capri where there is a free camping site, but without services. At a later stage both paths join again to go to the Poincenot camping site.

At the first Fitz Roy viewpoint you will get the dramatic sight of the entire Fitz Roy Massif. From here, continue walking for two more hours through beautiful forests full of Lengas and Ñires trees until you reach the Rio Blanco. Here, the hike is the most demanding part of the trek, ascending a steep slope until finally reaching Laguna de los Tres where there is the majestic sight of Mt Fitz Roy, “Los Tres” Glacier and its lagoons.

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