Note: The above photos, including the banner one, do not necessarily reflect stations or views on this particular trek. Considering that we do not have all the images required we have had to use general photos of various treks in El Chalten.

El Chalten Laguna Torre Full-Day Trek


This one of the most frequented trails in the park because it is one of the classic walks of El Chaltén, to Laguna Torre where we find an impressive view of the Torre massif, the Adela range, Mount Solo and their respective glaciers.

  • Start: Northern Sector of El Chalten, at the end of San Martin Avenue; beginning of 41 Route.
  • End: Laguna Torre


  • Grade of Difficulty: Medium but be aware of changing weather conditions.
  • Distance: 18.4km, return.
  • Trek Time: 8hrs, return.
  • Experience Required: You need to be reasonably fit. No trekking experience required, but you should be accustomed to long walks, and trekking poles suggested.
  • Season: All year round, but in the winter, it depends on conditions.


The trail head begins at the northern edge of El Chalten village. The initial minutes is all uphill until you reach the small Ñirre forest. From here, the path starts to gain height until is levels out beside the Fitz Roy River at a viewpoint of the river canyon and the Margarita waterfall.

After 2.5km of walking, we arrive at Mount Torre viewpoint. Here you can enjoy the most magnificent view of Mount Torre, the Adela range and its glaciers.

One hour of walking later, you will reach a natural viewpoint with an incomparable panoramic view of the Adela mountain range and the Mount Torre and the granite spiers that accompany it. The path finally crosses the De Agostini base camp, where it is possible to spend the night.

You will walk through large Lenga forests, and also over old glacial moraines and wet plains formed by the previous courses of the river until you get to Laguna Torre.

At Laguna Torre, it is usual to see huge icebergs, ice which has fallen off the Torre glacier face.

After a rest at the lagoon, you can start your trek back to El Chaltén

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