Note: The above photos, including the banner one, do not necessarily reflect stations or views on this particular trek. Considering that we do not have all the images required we have had to use general photos of various treks in El Chalten.

El Chalten Madre Hija Lagoons Full-Day Trek


Madre Hija means Mother and Daughter and is one the most walked trails in the National Park because it leads to the two most popular trails, one being Laguna los Tres and the other Cerro Torre.

  • Start: El Chalten - Northern Sector of El Chalten, at the end of San Martin Avenue; beginning of Route 41.
  • End: Madre Hija


  • Grade of Difficulty: Medium.
  • Trek Time: 5hrs, return.
  • Distance: 15.4km, return


One of the most used trails in the park because it joins the two other most walked trails in the park, the one that goes to Laguna los Tres and Cerro Torre.

The trail begins at the end of Avenida San Martín. During the first hour of walking, you will have access to a natural viewpoint of the De las Vueltas river valley.

After a few minutes of hiking, you will enter the valley of the Del Salto gorge in the direction of Mount Fitz Roy. You will find a Ñirre forest and approximately after an hour and a half of walking, the trail leads to a well-marked natural, rocky viewpoint, with an information board that describes the mountainous and glacial panorama that can be viewed.

The trail continues up the Del Salto stream to the drainage area of the Madre and Hija lagoons.

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