Day 1

Private transfer from your Puerto Natales Hotel to the bus terminal, pick up at 06:30hrs.

Regular bus from bus terminal to Torres del Paine National Park, departure time at 07:15hrs.

Arrival to Laguna Amarga park entrance at 09:45hrs, where you pay the entrance fee.

Take the shuttle to the Welcome Center, located in the Estancia Cerro sector.

The first stage will take you about 2hrs (2.5km) from the Welcome Center to Refugio El Chileno, which is flat for 2kms and then mainly all up hill.

Check-in at the Refugio (showing your printed voucher), leave your luggage and hike on to Torres Base (unless you want to do this the next morning before dawn for the sunrise on the towers).

You will trek through a lenga forest before arriving the to the base of the glacial moraine sector, which will take around 1hr. Here you will start an ascent that takes you along a meandering path up, over and around glacial-moraine-boulder rocks. For the average hiker this will take about 1hr get to the look-out point (“mirador”) of the Towers Base.

The trek Torres Base back to Refugio Chileno (downhill) will take you 2 hours approx. The total return trek from Refugio Chileno to the Torres base and back is about 4hrs (8km) plus any time you take to rest when at the look-out point. Note that it can often be cold here because of the altitude and wind coming down from glaciated peaks.

Night 1 Accommodation: Ref El Chileno or Ref Central (the second option depends on if Ref El Chileno is full. If you stay at Ref Central you need add 2hrs more to hike up to the Torres Base).


Day 2

Hike from Refugio El Chileno to Refugio Los Cuernos (or from Ref Central to Los Cuernos).

* Recommended time to start hiking: 09:00hrs

After breakfast pick up your box lunch, and start hiking to Los Cuernos sector, this is a moderate trek circling the base of Almirante Nieto mountain.

To get from El Chileno to Los Cuernos, you must take the short cut (located at 30 minutes from El Chileno sector), which will be sign-posted very approx about 1km along the path heading back towards the Visitor Centre. If coming from Ref Central you will see the path sign-posted shortly after passing Hotel Las Torres.

After 5 hours (11.5km) of hiking you will reach the Los Cuernos sector.

* Do the check-in the Refugio (showing your printed voucher)

Night 2 Accommodation: Ref Los Cuernos or Cabaña Cuernos or Domos Frances (located one hour past Cuernos on the way to the French Valley Entrance).


Day 3

Hike from Los Cuernos to French Valley and Paine Grande.

* Recommended time to start hiking: 08:00hrs

After your breakfast pick up your box lunch and start hiking to Paine Grande sector.

You will hike from Los Cuernos sector to Italiano Camp, the entrance of the Valley (about 2hrs), if you want you can leave you big backpack with the CONAF (“Corporacion Nacional Forestal”) hut and hike into the valley with a smaller, day pack.

The ascent to the end of French Valley will take you approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes from Camp Italiano, and another 2 hours and 30 minutes to come back.

After the French Valley trek, take your belongings and hike to Paine Grande sector, another 2 hours and 30 minutes approximately.

Today you will walk 24km, approx. 10 or 12 hours.

* Do the check in the Refugio (showing your printed voucher)

Night 3 Accommodation: Ref Paine Grande.


Day 4

Hike from Paine Grande to Grey sector.

* Recommended time to start hiking: 09:00HRS

After your breakfast pick up your box lunch and start hiking to Grey sector.

From Paine Grande to Grey is around11 km, approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes, one way.

After one hour and 45 minutes of hiking you will reach the first lockout, where you can see the glacier far away.

Walk one hour and 45 minutes more and you will reach Refugio Grey.

Do the check-in at the Refugio (showing your printed voucher), leave your luggage and hike 15 to 30 more minutes and you will see the main lockout of the Glacier.

Night 4 Accommodation: Ref Grey.


Day 5

Hike from Grey sector, out Puerto Natales.

There are two options. One is to back-track to Paine Grande, take the catamaran and out or stay at Grey and take the Navigation Grey boat that passes in front of the Glacier Grey and on to Hotel Grey.

Option 1

Back to Refugio Paine Grande

* Recommended time to start hiking: 07:30hrs

After your breakfast pick up your box lunch and start hiking.

To come back, you must walk the same path from Grey to Paine Grande.

The Catamaran departs at 11:30hrs from Paine Grande, you MUST be there 15 minutes before, you pay the ticket on board and in CASH
The boat will cross the Pehoe lake, it will take only 30 minutes.

You have to wait at the Pudeto Sector until 13:00hrs (there is a cafeteria here) to take the bus back to Puerto Natales, which will go via Laguna Amarga to pick up other people.

Arrival time in Puerto Natales approx. 16:30hrs

At Puerto Natales private transfer will be waiting for you in the bus station to take you to your accommodation.

Option 2

Back to Navigation Grey

* Pick-up from the lake side near Refugio grey at 10:30hrs or 13:30hrs

Upon arrival to the “Guarderia Grey” car park you will be met by our driver and have a private transfer back to your hotel in Puerto Natales.