Skorpios III, Kaweskar Route from Puerto Natales and back to Puerto Natales


The Skorpios III is the sister ship to the Skorpios II, which navigates the sea channels from Puerto Montt, further north than Puerto Natales.

Skorpios III was built in 1995. Like its sister ship, it is a small cruise ship offering only 45 cabins, on five decks, accommodating 90 passengers. This makes a Patagonian cruise aboard Skorpios III a personal experience, one where you can “get to know” other passengers and be close to the sights and wildlife that will be seen on the trip.

MV Skorpios III navigates the channels, fiords and inlets just north of Puerto Natales. The trip is short, only 3 nights, but long enough to get to see numerous glaciers that come down from the Southern Ice Shelf, carving out gullies and valleys as they do, until they calve off into icebergs that then float in the still, Pacific waters.

Skorpios III will navigate a total distance of around 611km. during the Kaweskar route.

One of the great advantages to joining a Skorpios III Kaweskar route voyage is that it can be easily combined with a trip to Torres del Paine either pre or post the Patagonian Cruise. Should you decide to do this, you will be able to see Patagonia both from the sea, getting into some of the remotest places on Earth, as well as the “jewel” of Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park.

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From Puerto Natales

Skorpios III Kaweskar Route: 3 Nights

Puerto Natales / Visiting Glaciers / Puerto Natales

There are TWO days of the week when the Skorpios III sets sail from Puerto Natales. These are on a TUESDAY and on a FRIDAY.

Check-in Info

  • Check-In for both departures is at 15:30hrs at the Skorpios terminal located at Puerto Bories a few kms north of Puerto Natales village.
  • For the TUESDAY departure this means check-in on the MONDAY before Tuesday.
  • For the FRIDAY departure this means check-in on the Friday.

TUESDAY Departure / Return to Natales Friday

Monday night is ON BOARD the ship. Sailing time is between 17:30hrs – 18:00hrs.

FRIDAY Departure / Return to Natales Monday

Thursday night you need to be in a hotel in Puerto Natales (ExperienceChile.Org will arrange this).

From 16:00hrs passengers are welcomed aboard. Sailing time is between 17:30hrs – 18:00hrs.

About Skorpios III

The Skorpios III was constructed in 1995. The ship has 45 cabins with capacity for 90 passengers, plus crew. The cabins are finished in natural wood, decorated with pastel colours and illuminated with soft, warm lighting combining to create a warm and cosy ambience.

The Length of the ship measures 70m, with a beam (width) of 10m and a draft of 3.3m.

It also offers two bar lounges and one dining hall and these facilities, along with the cabins are distributed on five decks.

Voltage on board is 220 volts.

The food on board is at a very high level with local, Chilean produce a key part of the offering including:

Salmon, sea bass, conger-like eels, lobsters from Juan Fernández island, king crab, giant mussels (Mitilus), cholga mussels, mussels, oysters, sea urchins and picorocos (Austromegabalanus psittacus), red and white meats, all complimented by the best Chilean wines.

Cabin Categories

Cabins are distributed on these decks, running from the top down to the bottom. Cabins from and including deck 2 upwards, have exterior-facing windows. All cabins have private, en-suite bathrooms.


Most cabins offer twin beds (ie two beds), with some offering the matrimonial bed configuration.

Athos Deck 5:

3 cabins with windows.

2 Jr Suite cabins with queen beds: 503 and 504.

1 Cabin, with two single beds in an “L” configuration: 502.

Olympus Deck 4:

12 cabins with windows. Access to sun deck area.

2 Cabins with king beds: 401 and 402.

10 Cabins with matrimonial beds: 403/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

Parthenon Deck 3:

12 cabins with windows. Access to lounge bar Zeus on one side and bar Apolo on the other side.

6 Cabins with twin beds: 302/4/6/8/10/12

5 Cabins with matrimonial beds: 301/3/5/9/11

1 Cabin with three beds (matrimonial plus a single): 307

Acropolis Deck 2:

11 cabins with windows. Access to the dining room.

9 Cabins with twin beds: 203/4/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

1 Cabin with a matrimonial bed: 202

1 Cabin with 2 single beds end to end: 205

Athens Deck 1:

7 cabins with no windows. The engine room is on this deck but separated from the passenger cabins by crew cabins.

4 Cabins with twin beds: 105/7/8/10

1 Cabin with 2 single beds in an “L” configuration: 106

2 Cabins with a matrimonial plus single bed: 109 / 112