The Skorpios Chonos Route, from Puerto Montt, Including San Rafael Glacier,
5 Nights


The southwestern side of Chile is comprised of thousands of islands whereupon the Pacific Ocean is tamed into a network of an equal number of sea channels, inlets and fiords.

Navigating through this part of the world offers an opportunity to enter pristine locations, pass by islands where man has never set foot; see ancient, native forests that have only known wildlife to share its land base; view snow-covered, volcano cones and the blue hue of glaciers that slowly make their way down from their Andean summits to meet the Pacific waters edge.

Among all this incredible, natural beauty, are dolphins, whales, and many birds, all going about their natural life.

Therefore, a passage through this unspoilt wilderness is a gift, and one that should be savoured if you are lucky enough to witness it.

The Skorpios II Ship

Please follow this link for more information and pictures of the Skorpios II ship.