The Skorpios III Kaweskar Route, from Puerto Natales,
3 Nights


Close to Puerto Natales is the magnificent UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Torres del Paine. In addition, to the west of Torres del Paine, there is even more remarkable geographic scenery, especially the land sculptured by rivers and glaciers leaving behind fiords and islands interwoven by a network of inlets and channels.

This is where the Southern Ice Field, an area of permanent snow and ice covering 13,900km2, sits on top of the Andes. In length it measures 350km north to south. The ice cap is also the third most important reserve of freshwater on the planet. From this “small-country size” area of frozen water is the origin of close to 50 glaciers, that slowly move downward carving out new valleys as they do so, before finally meeting their end when they convert back to their former, liquid water state, as they join with the tranquil waters in the fiords.

Apart from the views the Skorpios ship offers an opportunity to experience some nostalgia of being on board a “cruise ship” (which used to be an ice breaker). The Skorpios cabin interiors are finished with wall-covered wood and decorated in a cosy style. In addition, the common areas of the ship emit a “personal vibe”, a place where you can mingle with other guests and enjoy the overall cruise.

The Skorpios III Ship

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