Ventus Australis, Patagonia Expeditions between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia


Ventus Australis is the sister ship of the Stella Australis. Punta Arenas, in southern Chile, is their home port, however, each navigates through the thousands of channels in between the southern archipelago of South America.

The largest island in this area is the Tierra del Fuego (the land of fire), and surrounding it are thousands of smaller islands, separated by numerous channels, fiords, inlets and straits, including two, historically significant stretches of water.

It was through the Beagle Channel that Charles Darwin sailed upon his ship HMS Beagle, the narrow stretch of water in front of Ushuaia. And, then there is the Magellan Strait, in front of Punta Arenas, in Chile, named after the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

The Ventus Australis is a moderately-sized vessel, built in 2017. It offers 100, well-appointed cabins, each one with an exterior-facing window. The ship is of a size whereby the on board ambience still retains an element of things being “personal”. This is in contrast to the enormous, impersonal floating hotel cruise liners that dominate the Caribbean.

The objective of the Ventus and Stella ships, is to offer passengers comfortable accommodation, combined with high-level on-board food along with educated guides, who will show you the secrets of Patagonia from the sea.

There are two ways to visit and experience Patagonia. One is to use whatever road network is available, but this is restrictive because there are so few roads; and the other is to penetrate the remotest areas on Earth from the sea. Sailing past uninhabited islands, penetrating into isolated fiords and visiting pristine inlets can only be done by a maritime navigation.

These are the exact same waters where European explorers ventured into and since those times nothing has changed, except for glaciers receding. When aboard the Ventus or Stella Australis ships navigating the waters the experience is just like that of the early explorers and that is a unique experience to be able to enjoy. However, the big difference is that when you go to bed at night you have a comfortable bed, and heated cabin to sleep in.

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Check-In Info from Ushuaia

  • Darwins Route: 8 Nights Ushuaia – Punta Arenas – Ushuaia
  • Fiords of Tierra del Fuego Route: 4 Nights Ushuaia to Punta Arenas

Check-In Times

  • Check-in is from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Avenida San Martín 409, Ushuaia.
  • Afterwards, the boarding takes place at 6:00 PM.
  • Sailing starts at 8:00 PM from Ushuaia.
Ventus Departure Dates 2022 2023 Punta Arenas To Ushuaia

Check Info from Punta Arenas

  • Darwins Route: 8 Nights Punta Arenas – Ushuaia – Punta Arenas
  • Fiords of Tierra del Fuego Route: 4 Nights Punta Arenas to Ushuaia

Check-In Times

  • Check-In starts at 1:00 PM and runs until 5:00 PM, on Av. Costanera del Estrecho 1398 (Muelle Arturo Prat), Punta Arenas.
  • The boarding starts at 6:00 PM.
  • The sailing is at 8:00 PM from Punta Arenas.
Ventus Departure Dates 2022 2023 Ushuaia To Punta Arenas

About Ventus Australis

The Ventus Australis was constructed in 2017. The ship offers 100 cabins and can accept a total passenger capacity of 210 people, plus crew.

The Length of the ship measures 89m, with a beam (width) of 14.6m.

Cabin Categories

All cabins have exterior facing windows, heating, en-suite bathrooms with hair dryers and a safe deposit box in the cabin.

Voltage on board is 220 volts.

The cabins are equipped with plugs for 220 volts. The bathrooms have 220- and 110-volt outlets.

Bed Sizes:

  • Twin Beds: Each is 1.05mt wide x 1.9m long.
  • Matrimonial Bed: 1.6m wide x 1.9m long.
  • Matrimonial Bed Superior Cabin: 1.8m wise x 2m long.

The Decks and Cabins

  • Cabins are the Following Decks Running Top to Bottom
  • Fifth, Top Deck: Darwin – No Cabins

Fourth Deck: Cabo de Hornos

  • AAA: 23 Standard Cabins / 16m2 / Bed Configuration: Twin or Matrimonial
  • AAA: 2 Superior Cabins / 20m2 / Bed Configuration: Matrimonial

Third Deck: Tierra del Fuego

  • AA: 36 Standard Cabins / 16m2 / Bed Configuration: Twin or Matrimonial
  • AA: 2 Superior Cabins / 20m2 / Bed Configuration: Matrimonial

Second Deck: Magallanes

  • A: 34 Standard Cabins / 16m2 / Bed Configuration: Twin or Matrimonial
  • B: 3 Standard Cabins / 16m2 / Bed Configuration: Twin Only

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First Deck: Patagonia

  • No Cabins

Ventus Australis Continued Information


Various breakfast, lunch and dinner options, along with a 24/7 cafeteria service, combining the best local ingredients in an international gastronomic proposal that prioritizes variety, quality and excellence.


The spectacular landscapes of Patagonia that can be appreciated through panoramic windows are complemented in harmony with careful decoration and ample and cosy spaces. Everything comes together in an intimate and casual atmosphere, so that our guests can share their experiences, read a book from our library, have their favourite appetizer or simply enjoy the view.


Once onboard, you will only need your wallet if you want to get yourself a souvenir from the onboard store. At Australis when we say all-inclusive, we mean ALL-INCLUSIVE. Enjoy our unlimited wine, liquor and beverage menu during lunch and dinner or at our bar, open from 10 am to midnight.

Guides and Crew

The passion of our Expedition Guides and the warmth and friendliness of our crew, give the voyage a unique atmosphere that stands out as one of the great hallmarks of the Australis Experience. Our passengers often say goodbye, heartfeltly thanking the professionalism of all our team on board, who made them feel at home.

Educational Experience

Our guides will pass on their knowledge of glaciology, flora and fauna, geography, history, and the evolution of the landscapes we travel through. Daily, they will share this knowledge with our passengers on board through thematic lectures that complement and deepen what is discovered and experienced during the expeditions.


Deep in Patagonia, between fjords and glaciers, connectivity disappears, and the Digital Detox begins. Far from civilization, the most unspoiled landscapes of the planet invite you to take your eyes off your phones, replace screens with windows, and discover the colours and contrasts of nature without a filter.


The safety on board and during excursions is a priority at every moment of our operation. That is why we are governed by the highest standards in terms of infrastructure and equipment, as well as implementing strict protocols that safeguard the safety of passengers and crew members. To ensure that all these protocols are properly complied with, we carry out periodic audits and training of our guides and crew, as well as deploy different information systems on board to ensure that all our passengers are properly informed and understand the measures and conduct, they must adhere to.


Australis understands that the charm of the routes depends on its preservation. Knowing landscapes that have remained intact for centuries is a luxury, and their commitment is to make every effort to keep them that way. Guided by international standards and motivated by a deep conviction of respect for the environment, the company implements and promotes a series of measures, and behaviours on board, to care for the environment in which the ships navigate through.


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